Before you apply see if you qualify for a building loan

Are you a South African resident over the age of 18?

Do you have a single or joint income of at least R2,500 a month?

Are you self-employed, or have a permanent or fixed-term contract?

Do you know if you have a good credit score?

The documents you'll need

A valid South African ID or valid passport and the co-applicants' (if applicable)
Building plans approved by the municipality
A signed copy of the offer to purchase or sale agreement (if applicable)
A building schedule with the relevant costs
Last 3 months’ payslips or other proof of income for you and the co-applicants (if applicable)
Last 3 months’ bank statements for you and the co-applicants (if applicable)
A building contract between you and your chosen contractors
The builder’s all-risk policy and the builder’s NHBRC registration and enrolment certificates

Why choose a building loan with us?



How would you like to apply?

You may be eligible for extra benefits based on your income and how you choose to apply.

Apply online or on the Money app

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Apply through our Contact Centre

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Apply at a branch

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