Benefits of investing in solar power

The money you pay upfront will earn you even more savings in the long run.
You won’t feel the impact of tariff hikes as much for as long as you are using solar energy.
You’ll always have the convenience of an alternative power source that backs you up even when the lights go out.
By using this clean and renewable power source, you can also reduce your carbon footprint.
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Get solar power and save

Adding a solar-energy system to your home can help you manage your property expenses. Here’s how you can finance it through your home loan:

The minimal increase on your home loan instalment will be offset by a decrease on your monthly electricity bill - a saving that will stay with you long after your investment is paid off.

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Using a trusted installer

When considering solar energy for your home, it is important that you use only quality products and an installer who will offer you a professional service. To make the journey easier for you, we have identified bodies who give accreditation to suppliers. 

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Find a solar-energy expert

To assure you quality service, we have partnered with Hohm Energy, an informative platform that can help guide you through your conversion to solar energy.  


If you are based in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, Free State or the Eastern Cape, please visit the Hohm Energy platform for all the support you need, including access to accredited suppliers.


Should you not be based in these provinces, please complete this online form. We'll then send you a list of three SAPVIA-accredited suppliers located close to you, help you find out how much you could qualify for, and guide you through the application process.

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Manage your geyser remotely

Did you know that your geyser accounts, on average, for 29% of electricity usage in the home? By using a smart geyser management solution you can decrease your electricity usage and bill significantly.

Consider the award-winning geyser telemetry device from Nedbank. With this solution you get to save money, enjoy early fault detection, receive alerts on power outages and control your geyser from your smartphone. Learn more about our Nedbank Senseable geyser solution here

Switch your home loan to Nedbank

If you are interested in our solar-energy financing and would like to switch your home loan to us, you are most welcome to ask us to call you back. We will guide you through our simple loan switching application process, as well as your journey to using a more sustainable and affordable energy source.

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