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Get solar power and save

Adding solar energy financing to your Nedbank home loan will save you money long after your investment is paid off. The following options are available to you:

  • Apply for a new home loan of up to 110% and use the extra 10% to cover the cost of the energy solution.
  • Use the available money in your NedRevolve facility to pay for your solar energy installation.
  • Apply for a Readvance or a further loan.
  • Switch your loan to us for access to our solar solutions.


Aside from uninterrupted power: the little extra you'll pay on your home loan instalment will be offset by a decrease on your monthly electricity bill. 

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Buying a new home?

  • Simply add solar energy financing to your home loan application. 
  • We will pay the money to an accredited service provider of your choice as soon as your bond is registered and all the payment terms, including a valid invoice, have been finalised.
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Find a solar provider

Find the right solar-energy expert in these three ways...we can guide you through it. 

  • Go green with Nedbank Solar through Avo. When looking for a solar solution, Avo Solar can offer you affordable, top quality solar packages at competitive prices.
  • Choose your own PV Greencard, SAPVIA accredited supplier that meets all criteria and ensures that quality products are used. 
  • Choose one of our approved and preferred suppliers that are fully vetted, accredited and recognised by the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA).
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Don’t have a home loan?

You can apply for solar energy asset finance over a period of up to 96 months at a competitive interest rate with MFC, a division of Nedbank.

Other smart-energy solutions for your home

insurance umbrella

Get solar energy insurance

Protect your solar panels, batteries, invertors and all other accessories with our first in market renewable energy insurance from as little as R99 p/m. Alternatively, you can cover your solar solution through your building or comprehensive insurance.

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Manage your geyser remotely

Save money with a smart geyser management solution that can help you reduce your electricity usage. With our Smart Geyser solution, you can turn your geyser on and off or adjust the temperature easily through an app that is downloaded to your phone.




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