Why switch to Nedbank?

Extra cash

Borrow against your home

Switch your home loan and borrow more if your home had extra value when the initial bond was registered, or if your home’s value has increased.


Pay less over a longer time

When switching your home loan to us you’ll stand to reduce your monthly repayments by selecting a loan term of 20 or 25 years.

energy efficient

Go green and save on electricity

Power your home with solar energy solutions by switching your home loan to us. For more information visit our Solar energy finance page.

Make your move in 6 steps

1. Submit your application

Submit your application and if anything is missing, we’ll let you know.

2. Application outcome

We’ll look at your affordability to see if you’ll be able to cover the monthly repayments on the loan amount you require.

3. Property assessment

We’ll do a property assessment to make sure the property value is sufficient as security for the loan you need.

4. Loan quotation

After the credit and property assessment, we'll make you an offer for a home loan by sending you a ‘loan quotation’ which you need to accept.

5. The legal stuff

After accepting the loan offer, we’ll appoint an attorney to assist with the conveyancing process. You’ll sign the necessary loan documents, pay the relevant attorney fees and thereafter the attorney(s) will complete the conveyancing process by lodging your bond with the Deeds Office.

6. Bond registration

The deeds office will complete the conveyancing process once they’re satisfied. This means your bond will be switched to us and cancelled with the previous home loan provider.


We’ll send you regular communication to keep you informed on the progress of your application. 

You can also track your application online at any time.

Download our 2024 pricing brochure (PDF) for home loans.

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