How does it work?


Let’s say you take out a Personal Loan with us and choose to pay by debit order,  before we can debit your account, you will first need to give us permission by accepting a DebiCheck. 

You can approve your debit order by instant message or SMS, through the Nedbank Contact Centre, at a Nedbank branch or ATM, or on a point-of-sale device. DebiCheck is designed to put you in control of your debit orders and to help you manage your money better.

Use the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking (go to Debit orders and then Mandates)

Dial *120*001# on your cellphone and follow the easy prompts;

Insert your debit card at any Nedbank ATM

Visit a Nedbank branch.

Why use DebiCheck?

You know upfront of any debit orders that will be processed on your account.
You can manage your budget, knowing when your debit orders will be processed.
You can prevent fraudulent debit orders from being processed on your account.
You are in control of all your debit orders, which keeps your credit profile in good health.
We will not allow a DebiCheck debit order to be processed if you have not agreed to the payment date and amount in advance.

Useful tips

Always check the debit orders that go off on your account.

Do not approve a debt order you did not authorise.

Manage changes to your existing debit order.

Check your bank statements regularly for any unusual activity.

If you notice any fraudulent activity, call us on 0860 555 111.

More about DebiCheck

  • You can raise a dispute over a DebiCheck debit order within 365 days
  • You can raise a dispute in only certain cases: 
    • If there is a discrepancy between the amount collected and the mandate within collection rules.
    • If there is a discrepancy between the date the collection was done and the mandate within collections rules. 
  • These checks will be done automatically when you dispute a transaction.
  • Nedbank clients can log disputes on any of our channels.
  • If the dispute is successful, you will be credited immediately

You can stop a debit order set up via DebiCheck. This is called a mandate suspension

This process can only be done in specific instances: 

  • When you have cancelled the contract with the company.
  • When the contract with the company has expired.
  • When the contract with the company has changed.

Once you have requested a mandate suspension, the mandate will be suspended indefinitely, and no further collections can be processed. 

If you have signed a contract,
that company will contact your bank to arrange a debit order.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1


Debit order gets created

A debit order will be created on your account, but not implemented until you approve it through DebiCheck.

Step 2

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Approve the debit order

Once you’ve approved the debit order, you and the said company will now have a verified and valid debit order arrangement.

Step 3


Debit order gets checked

The debit order is then checked against the DebiCheck mandate every month to make sure everything is in order before being processed.