Glossary of terms

The ‘Enterprise Party Number’ is the unique client identification file number that is created when you open an account with Nedbank 

The following ID types are acceptable:

  • An official SA green bar-coded identity document; or
  • An official SA identity card (smart card); or
  • A valid passport issued by the country of which a person is a citizen; or
  • Another identification document accepted by the banking community of the
  • country of residence for opening a bank account.

Once an individual has been issued with an official SA identity card his/her SA green bar-coded identity document is no longer valid and may not be accepted. 

The address of individuals or entities other than that of the intended recipients where post for the intended recipients must be delivered. 

This form is used by INDIVIDUALS only where the client has US indicators such as:


  • A US physical address country code
  • A US postal address country code
  • A US telephone number
  • There is evidence of regular payments being made to the US
  • There is a power of attorney on the account and that person has US indicators

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