Do more with MoneyTracker

Maximise your personal, business or side-hustle money! Track your income and expenses, set budgets and more with MoneyTracker... A free money-management tool that's available on the Money app or Online Banking. #TakeMoneySeriously

Why use this tool?

Taking better care of your money doesn't have to be a full-time job. Simply set up MoneyTracker on your Nedbank account and use it to create and manage multiple dashboards for your income and spend, set budgets, track savings goals, and more.

Make your money work harder for you


Track expenses

Get a complete and dynamic view of money coming in and going out of your account directly from your phone or computer.


Reach your goals

Get a better understanding of where you can likely make adjustments that will help you reach your financial goals faster.


Get money savvy

As you categorise transactions, MoneyTracker will learn and suggest similar categories going forward to help you build stronger money habits.

Features and benefits


Create multiple dashboards

Create up to eight dashboards to track your household, business or side-hustle finances.


Set budgets

Set and manage monthly budgets for each category and see when you reach them.


Manage invoices

Easily create, send and manage invoices for your business with MoneyTracker.

Getting started

Here's a quick look at how you can manage your money in the palm of your hand! Set budgets, track income and more.

To track your money from your phone

1.     Log on to the Money app.
2.     Swipe to Financial Wellness and select MoneyTracker.
3.     Create a personal, business or side-hustle dashboard.
4.     Select the accounts you would like to track.
5.     Give your dashboard a name, eg Household expenses.
6.     Start grouping your spend into categories and set your budgets. 


money tracker

To track your money using Online Banking

  1. Log on and select MoneyTracker in the top menu.
  2. Create a personal, business or side-hustle dashboard.
  3. Select the accounts you would like to track.
  4. Give your dashboard a name, eg Household expenses.
  5. Start grouping your spend into categories and set your budgets. 
money tracker

Get the Money app

For a secure and convenient way to manage your money, open an account, get a loan, or even buy gift and prepaid vouchers: get the Nedbank Money app.

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