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Salary and debit order switching

For salary and debit order switching, tap a button or two and we'll send a personal letter you can download or email to your employer, and take care of moving all your debit orders.

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To enjoy the full range of benefits, including preferential rates on certain products, switch your salary payments and debit orders to your Nedbank account.

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From 24/7 digital banking with Live Chat support to flexible financial solutions, premium lifestyle rewards and more.

Smart tips for switching

  • Start arranging your debit order switches immediately once your salary is paid. This will give you enough time to make sure that all your debit orders are set up on your new account before your next salary is paid. 
  • Don't close your old bank account until you have confirmation that all the debit orders have been transferred.
  • Please make sure that you have enough money in your existing account and in your Nedbank account until all your debit orders have been switched successfully.

Keep in mind

  • You cannot switch debit orders for joint or savings accounts without the permission of both parties. 
  • Remember to change the details of your long-standing debit orders, eg for your TV licence and policy premiums, like life insurance, which may be deducted only once or twice a year.
  • Some companies do not allow us to switch debit orders – we will tell you if this happens.



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You will need an account confirmation letter from Nedbank. Simply download or email it to yourself from the Money app and share it with your employer to update your banking details.

 See how to switch your salary



You will need your previous bank account details and the details of the debit orders you want to switch, including:

Yes, Nedbank platforms are safe because you must log in to the Money app or Online Banking to be authenticated before you can access the switching service.

Logging in to your account using your username and password authenticates you.

The debit order switching date is based on the contract that you have signed with the beneficiary.

(Example:  If the debit order change request is submitted on the 25th and the debit order normally appears on your account on the 30th, the beneficiary may not process the switch on time and it will roll over to the following month.)  

Close your previous bank account only once you have received confirmation from Nedbank that your debit order(s) has/have been switched and successfully processed through your new account.

You need to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your debit orders to avoid paying fees for rejected debit orders, which may harm your credit profile.

Chat to ENBI or one of our agents via the Money app or Online Banking, or call us on 0800 555 111.