1. After inserting your card and PIN at the Nedbank ATM, you will be prompted to authorise pending mandates. You can authorise your debit order immediately by clicking See debit orders or later by clicking Go to withdrawals.
  2. Select the mandates (mandate means to give Nedbank permission to debit your account) you wish to authorise or view your active debit order.
  3. Choose a pending mandate to authorise.
  4. The details of the DebiCheck mandate you need to review will appear and you will be prompted to select one of the options: Authorise the mandate. Decline the mandate. Back-to view the previous page.
  5. Once you have authorised or declined the mandate, a confirmation message will be displayed stating whether the debit order request was successfully approved or successfully declined. You can click More options to continue with other transactions or Return card if you are done.