Send money and cardless withdrawals are digital solutions that enables Nedbank clients to send money to someone’s cellphone number, regardless of whether that person has a Nedbank account. Recipients will receive a 10-digit voucher number and a four-digit PIN via their cellphone so they can withdraw the money at any Nedbank ATM or participating retail store. 

No. The recipient must have an active South African cellphone number.

Yes, it’s the same, but Send money is easier to use with additional features, like cancelling a voucher, viewing your recent payments, resending voucher SMSs and sharing the transaction details with your recipients.

Yes. You can send money from an active Nedbank transactional (current, savings or credit card) account or MobiMoney Account only.

You do not need to register, but you need access to a Nedbank digital banking platform or a MobiMoney Account.

The fees are different depending on the account from which you send the money. For information on the pricing please visit our pricing guide

You can call the Nedbank Contact Centre on 0800 555 111. 

The default limit is R2,500, but you can send up to R5,000 a day. You can increase your limit to R5 000 via the Nedbank Money app or Online Banking or visit any Nedbank branch.

A limit of R4,000 applies to MobiMoney accountholders who have not yet completed 

the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) process.

Dial *120*002# from your cellphone, select Help, then select Get cash voucher and follow the prompts to retrieve the details.

Yes, a voucher is valid for 30 days only. The money will be returned to the sender if the voucher has expired.

Yes, you can send money multiple times, as long as it is within the R5,000 daily limit.

If the voucher has not been used, you can call us on 0800 555 111. We will help you to cancel the voucher and arrange a refund. It may take 24 to 48 hours to show in your account.

If you have used Send money via the Money app, you can cancel the transaction by doing the following:

1. Select Send money.

2. Select the transaction you want to cancel from your recent Send money payments.

3. Check the status, which should be Unredeemed. (You can cancel the transaction only if the voucher has not been redeemed yet.)

4. Select Cancel Send money.

The money will be refunded into your account automatically. 

Remember, we are not liable if you pay money to the wrong cellphone number or if the amount is wrong.

You can withdraw the money at any Nedbank ATM or at one of these retail stores:

  • Checkers
  • Checkers Hyper 
  • Shoprite
  • Usave
  • House & Home 
  • OK Foods 
  • OK Furniture 
  • Pick n Pay 
  • Boxer
  • OTT outlets
  • Kazang outlets

1. Go to a till and ask to make a Nedbank cardless withdrawal.

2. Give them the voucher number and enter the PIN sent to you via SMS. 

There is no limit on the amount of the withdrawals per day, but you must withdraw the full amount for every voucher.

You can withdraw up to R5,000 at most of our ATMs. 

Yes, fees apply. Please refer to our latest pricing schedule for the updated fees. 

You will receive an SMS with the voucher number and PIN. 

The below transaction statuses are only available if you use Send money via Money app

  • Unredeemed – the recipient has not redeemed the voucher yet.

  • Redeemed – the recipient has withdrawn the money. 

  • Cancelled – the sender has cancelled the transaction.  

You can share the information of the transaction with the recipient. The information includes the following:

  • The amount.

  • The cellphone number to which the money was sent.

  • The expiry date of the voucher.

  • The retail stores where the voucher can be redeemed. 

The details can be shared using any of the options available on your device, for example WhatsApp, SMS and Messenger.

Yes, you can resend the voucher PIN code from the Money app by doing the following:  


  • Tap Pay on the overview screen.
  • Select Send money. You will then see a list of your recent transactions.
  • Select the relevant transaction. 
  • Tap Resend details

The recipient will then receive another SMS containing their voucher PIN.

You'll also have the option to resend and share the voucher details (for more information) to a WhatsApp number, SMS or other application. 

The history of your Send money transactions will be available in Your recent Send money payments list. You can tap View and Pay again from the list of Send money transactions.

The terms and conditions are available at

You can withdraw the money immediately at a Nedbank ATM or participating retailer once you have received the SMS notification.