SWIFT incoming international payments

Through SWIFT you can now receive international payments through your everyday bank account.... Great for those incoming cash deposits from family and friends, an offshore investment or from your side hustle.

Why choose Nedbank for your international payments?

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For safe and secure transacting, simply give the sender your account details and this Nedbank SWIFT code: NEDSZAJJ



The money will be paid directly into your Nedbank account without you having to visit a branch to withdraw it.

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Available 24/7

Take full control of your money with 24/7 access to your international payments on the Money app or Online Banking.

Who can use this service?

Things to note:

  • International payments will be sent to the account stipulated by the sender's bank only.

  • You'll have up to 30 days to accept the payment, after which it will be returned to the sender.

  • To accept a payment, you’ll need to use the Money app or Online Banking. 

  • Exchange control regulations will apply for both the sender and the recipient. 

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How to receive a payment

To process an incoming international payment, simply log on to the Money app or Online Banking and do the following:


  1. Go to International banking.
  2. Select International payments.
  3. Select Receive payments.
  4. Follow the easy steps.
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Anytime, anywhere access

All incoming international payments will reflect on your Money app or Online Banking dashboard with a quick view of the number of days you have left to accept each one.


To finalise a payment, simply select a reason for the payment, accept the quotation, or decline it and wait for a better rate within the 30-day period. 


You can also return funds to the sender and update your personal details. 


Addiitonal services for regular usage
  • If you receive a payment from abroad every month for the same purpose (BOP category), like a pension, you can call the Nedbank Call Centre on 0800 555 111 to set up a Standing Instruction Mandate. Your money will be converted automatically without any further action from you.
  • If you would like to receive email notifications of incoming or outgoing cross-border payments as well as your debit and credit advices (copies of SWIFT MT103 messages), you can complete a Global eMessenger Form and submit it to any Nedbank branch or scan and email it to transactionalbankingmaintenance@nedbank.co.za if you have an email indemnity in place.


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For a secure and convenient way to manage your money, open an account, get a loan, or even buy gift and prepaid vouchers: get the Nedbank Money app.

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