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Struggling with loans?

Get a fresh start with assisted sales. We can help you sell your home or vehicle at the best possible price on the market.

Benefits of Assisted Sales


  • You get the best possible price on the market.
  • We will help you deal with any shortfall through a manageable repayment plan. 


Drawbacks of Assisted Sales


  • You may have to pay a shortfall if you could not sell your vehicle or property at a price that is enough to settle your loan. By extending your repayment term, you will pay more interest in the long run. But remember: you can always pay extra in future when your finances are back on track


Getting help with downsizing your home

1. Get in touch

1. Get in touch

  • You can contact us to arrange a valuation of your home to determine its current market value, based on local property trends, and to sign a mandate with Nedbank. 
2. What we do

2. What we do

  • We will allocate one of our qualified estate agencies in your area to market your property for 100 days and give you a 40-day extension, if needed, without reference to a distressed sale and evaluate your property.
  • We will appoint the transfer attorneys and manage the transfer and conveyancing process on your behalf. Should an offer price be agreed on, you will be liable for these costs.
  • At our discretion, we offer debt relief on your shortfall amount to help you with a fresh start. We will forgive 50% of any shortfall that exists after the sale of your home. The remaining 50%  can be paid off interest-free over 5 to 10 years. 
3. How long will the process take?

3. How long will the process take?

  • The sign-up process takes between 5 and 16 business days. 
  • On average, offers on a property for sale are received within 70 days.
  • The conveyancing process to transfer your property to the new owner and settle your home loan usually takes between 95 and 120 days.

Assisted sales for when you need to sell your vehicle

Get in touch

  • Request a settlement letter from us so you know how much you owe. 
  • Get offers to purchase either from 2 different dealerships or buyers, or via AvoAuto

What we need from you

  • Email us at  assistedsales@mfc.co.za
  • Copies of your 2 offers to purchase (not subject to inspection of the vehicle).
  • A request that we consider the highest offer. 
  • If there is a shortfall (the difference between what you owe and what you sell your vehicle for) - confirmation that you will pay the shortfall; and send us your proposed repayment plan.

How to use AvoAuto

  • To advertise your vehicle on Avo Auto Nedbank’s digital car dealership. 
  • You can visit www.auto.avo.africa/sell-my-car to get the best offer and to understand the process to list your vehicle on the platform
  • For more information, send an email to parkandsell@avo.Africa or call Avo Auto on 0860 100 833.

Process after we've received your email


We will compare the offers that you have received with the expected selling price of the vehicle on a public auction as well as historical assisted sales. This is to ensure that the offers are in line with what the vehicle could sell for at a public auction. 

  • If we believe that the vehicle may sell for significantly more at a public auction, we may recommend that you bring the vehicle to us to be placed on auction (a higher auction price is not guaranteed). 
  • We will inform you and the dealer or buyer once we have finalised and approved the offer. 
  • You can then make arrangements for the delivery of the vehicle to the dealer or buyer and the payment of the offer to MFC.

The entire assisted-sales approval process usually takes between 7 and 10 working days

For your security we recommend that if you are selling the vehicle to a private buyer or non-MFC approved dealer, make sure that we have received the payment before you release the vehicle.


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