Calculate how much you can afford to spend on a home loan

Calculate how much you can afford to spend on a home loan.
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Your salary before taxes and deductions.
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The total amount you spend on living expenses every month.
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The interest rate is based on the current prime lending rate in South Africa. Please note that your interest rate will be based on factors such as your credit score and the size of your deposit.

Calculate how much you spend on your monthly expenses
Please add what you spend, where applicable.
Household expenses The total amount you spend on your household upkeep, such as buying groceries, clothing, toiletries, pet food and paying for domestic and gardening services.
Utilities The monthly amount you spend to cover things like electricity, water, levies and rates and taxes.
Credit and loan repayments The total monthly repayments on your loans, credit cards, vehicle finance and store accounts.
Health and insurance The amount you spend on things like life insurance, car and home insurance, funeral policies, gym and medical aid.
Entertainment The total amount you spend on things like Netflix, DSTV, takeouts, movies, Showmax and Amazon Prime.
Phone and data This is the total amount you spend on phone contracts, data and airtime.
Education The amount you spend towards your studies and for paying school fees for you or your kids.
Travel This is the total amount you spend on transport, petrol and car repairs/servicing.
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cond condValue debtBuffer expenseBuffer debtStress expenseStress surplusBuffer
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 10000 0.1026017010000 1.36306636 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 15000 0.1013535500000 1.319440431 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 20000 0.1001053980000 1.321738176 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 25000 0.109908105000 1.306609407 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 30000 0.1157256980000 1.282877395 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 40000 0.1318541410000 1.276345131 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 45000 0.1394430720000 1.263615732 1.02 1.07 0.6
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 50000 0.1413963310000 1.261481222 1.02 1.07 0.6
GREATER_THAN 50000 0.1603055010000 1.234109795000 1.02 1.07 0.6
cond condValue minMFixedAmount minPercentage bandMMinimum
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 6250 800 0.0675 800.01
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 25000 1541.67 0.09 6250.01
LESS_THAN_EQUAL_TO 50000 3375 0.082 25000.01
GREATER_THAN 50000 5425 0.0675 50000.01

Disclaimer: Although we do our best to give you accurate calculations, they will not be binding on us. Our calculations are only examples of how interest rates and fees can affect your repayments. Our transfer and bond cost calculations are also estimates.