Ask for HomeVision when you apply for your home loan. Apply on the Nedbank Money app, online, at a Nedbank branch or by calling our contact centre on 0800 555 111.

We know people like to customise their home to their personal taste, so you may use the funds for a variety of purposes besides building or making structural property improvements. Personalise the painting, redo the floors in your home, renovate your bathroom or even install a solar solution for your home. 

Your monthly loan repayments will be based on your home loan amount and not the registered HomeVision amount. Accessing additional HomeVision funds is subject to a credit and property assessment. Nedbank will assess the property to determine if there is sufficient value in the property for you to access the additional funds. We will reassess the entire loan (inclusive of the additional funds) and consider your current credit history and affordability, which may have changed since the start of your home loan. If approved, this may affect the current interest rate charged on your new home loan amount. Your repayments will increase only if you are approved for the additional funds.

These funds are the higher bond portion you registered at the deed’s office when you took out a home loan. These funds are referred to as a readvance. You can apply for a portion of or the full funds for future use.  

Your instalment is based on the outstanding balance of your loan. So, if your application is approved for any additional funds, your loan balance will increase, which increases your instalment. You can request that we extend your repayment term to minimise the increase in your instalment.

Please keep in mind that the municipal value could differ from Nedbank’s property assessment, so rather view your estimated property value on the Nedbank Money app, which can be found on the Home-buying Toolkit.

Follow these steps:

  • Access the Money app. 

  • Select Apply at the bottom-right corner. 

  • Enter your app PIN or fingerprint to access the available products.  

  • Select Home loan. You are now in the Home-buying Toolkit.