Further lending solutions

In case of a personal emergency, or a need to upgrade or maintain your home, you have the option to access some extra cash from your home loan account.

Why borrow money from your home loan account

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It's affordable

Compared to credit cards, personal loans or overdrafts, a home loan is typically the cheapest form of debt.


It's convenient

As a long-term client, you can leverage your bond for quicker access to extra cash when you need it.

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It's flexible

We offer more than one further-lending solution. Simply choose the one that suits you best.

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It's simple

Once approved, the money is paid directly into your personal account, giving you the freedom to use your money when and how you need to.



Get extra cash from your home loan without the added paperwork. To make use of NedRevolve, simply increase your monthly debit order or make additional payments into your account.

  • By depositing extra money into your home loan account, you get to save money as you will pay less interest on your monthly instalment.
  • To withdraw the extra money, simply transfer it back into your Nedbank account using the Money app or Online Banking.
  • Keep in mind that your monthly instalment will increase whenever you withdraw the extra money paid into your NedRevolve facility.
  • To use NedRevolve, you'll need to have or open a Nedbank transactional Nedbank account.
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Every monthly instalment you pay reduces the principal debt. A readvance gives you access to the portion of the principal debt you have already paid. It's simpler than registering an additional bond and the money is readily available.

  • Apply for a readvance from R15,000 up to the full amount of the principal debt you have paid off.
  • A credit and property assessment will be conducted and your interest rate and fees may change.
  • Use our HomeVision feature to register for a higher bond than your loan amount and you'll have quicker access to the extra money at any time during your loan term.
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Further loan

Further loan

You can apply for an additional loan of R50,000 or more through your home loan account if:

  • your home has increased in value since the original loan was granted;
  • your home had a surplus value at the time of original registration; or
  • you'll be using the loan to improve your home and increase its value.

Things to note:

  • It can take up to 3 months to complete your credit and property assessments and finalise the loan. 
  • If approved, you'll need to pay the initiation and additional bond registration fees. 
  • Your interest rate and fees may change in line with your new loan balance.
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Get extra cash from your home loan without paying additional bond registration fees! If you register a higher bond than the required amount at the start of your home loan, you can apply for a readvance later to access the extra funds.

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Self-service channels

Manage your home loan easily through the Money app, Online Banking or Cellphone Banking. You can also visit Nedbank.mobi from the internet browser on your cellphone.

Money app

You’ll love this safe and secure way to check or update your debit order details, download statements and more. Get the Money app for full-service banking at your fingertips.

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Online Banking

Enjoy desktop convenience when viewing or downloading your home loan statements in any format. You can also manage your building loan or request a settlement or cancellation in just a few clicks.

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Cellphone Banking

No data? No problem! Dial *120*001# from your cellphone to access a range of everyday-banking features. View and manage your account from anywhere, at any time.

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Your interest rate

A Nedbank Home Loan comes standard with a variable interest rate, which you can change to a fixed rate if you prefer. As an added benefit, we offer preferential interest rates to clients with a transactional Nedbank account.

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The variable interest rate

Home loan payments are initially based on a variable interest rate, which is linked to the prime lending rate determined by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB).

  • When the prime lending rate changes, your home loan interest rate will also change, increasing or decreasing your monthly instalment accordingly.
  • To keep your payments on track, we recommend putting money aside  so you can increase your instalments when the interest rate increases.
  • In case of a decrease, we recommend you continue to pay your original monthly instalment amount to help you pay your loan off faster.
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A fixed interest rate

  • You may set a fixed interest rate for a specified period to keep your monthly instalments from changing as the prime rate changes. 
  • A fixed interest rate is a good way to take charge of your finances as it keeps your monthly instalments the same, meaning that you'll always know what you're going to pay. 
  • Once your specified period ends, the interest rate automatically returns to a variable rate. You'll have the option to agree to a new fixed rate. 
  • We offer fixed rates for 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

Settlement and bond cancellation

Settling your home loan is a huge financial achievement. To ensure smooth sailing, we'd like to guide you through the legal processes involved. For example, did you know that your home loan account is not closed automatically once you have paid up your account?

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Managing your debt

If you find yourself unable to continue paying for your home loan account, please reach out to us for payment solutions or possible remedies to help you manage your debt. These can include the following:

  • Advice on options available to you. 
  • A Nedbank-assisted sale to help you sell your home. 
  • Debt counselling to help you overcome financial challenges.
  • Guidance and support with your loved one's deceased estate.
  • Other ways to pay off your monthly home loan instalments.

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