Turn your geyser into a smart geyser

Your geyser is responsible for almost 40% of your electricity bill. That’s an average of R800 to R1 000 spent on heating water every month. Normally, your geyser is tucked away in your roof, making it difficult to switch it off or adjust the temperature to help you save money. And geysers often burst without warning, at a great expense and inconvenience. So, what can you do?

With the Nedbank Insurance Smart Geyser solution, you can turn your geyser into a smart geyser. With Smart Geyser, you can switch your geyser on and off, adjust the temperature and receive instant notifications when your geyser is faulty. Once the Smart Geyser solution has been installed at your home and you have downloaded the easy-to-use app on your smartphone or tablet, you have complete control of your geyser and can start saving money right away.

Benefits of Smart Geyser

Save on your electricity bill

Save on your electricity bill

  • Save money by setting a heating schedule, changing the water temperature and turning your geyser on and off from your smartphone.
  • Track your geyser energy usage (kWh) and enjoy electricity savings right away*.
  • Share control of your geyser with family, visitors and tenants.
Detect faults

Detect faults

  • Get real-time notifications when your geyser is faulty, for example when it leaks.
  • Minimise potential damage by finding the problem quickly.
  • Know exactly what is wrong with your geyser, even when you’re away from home.
Claim with ease

Claim with ease

  • We will also receive notifications about your faulty geyser, which will speeding up the claims process. No need to call us – we’ll call you!
  • Know exactly what needs to be done to fix your geyser, ensuring transparent workmanship.
  • Enjoy a streamlined claims experience. You’ll be back to normal in no time!
elderly man checking if he qualifies

Do I qualify?

To qualify for the Smart Geyser solution you must have:

  • Nedbank Insurance Homeowner's Cover;
  • an indoor electric geyser (the solution is not compatible with solar, gas, heat pumps or with other geyser timers);
  • a geyser drip tray; and
  • a smartphone** to use the app.

For a quote or more information, contact us on 0860 333 111 or at smartgeyser@nedbank.co.za.

*Save more than 30% on electricity for your geyser. Savings may differ based on the size of your geyser, the temperature setting, your heating schedule and general geyser use.
*The app is compatible with most current Android and iOS devices. Huawei devices are not supported.