Stay protected from fraudsters... Here's how the scam works 
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You receive a fake SMS or email asking you to click on a link to process an income tax refund (ITR). When you click on the link, it takes you to a fake ‘e-filing’ website with more links for different banks. You then click on the Nedbank link, and it takes you to a fake Nedbank online banking login screen, which asks you to enter your Nedbank ID username and password. Once you enter your login details on the fake website, they ask you to accept an Approve-it message or share a one-time password (OTP) to gain access to your account.


How to spot a fraudster who is pretending to be SARS

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Before you sign in...

Nedbank and SARS will never send you an SMS or email with a link that takes you to a website that asks for your Nedbank ID username and password. 

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Keep your details safe

Never share your Nedbank ID username and password, card number and PIN or OTP with anyone.  

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Know your SARS website

The SARS website does not have links to South African banks. If you see links to banks, close the website immediately. 

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Read carefully

Stay in control of transactions made from your account. Always read your Approve-it messages carefully before accepting them.

Decline cash payment

Decline and report

Make sure you decline any transaction you did not make, reporting the incident to us immediately on 0800 110 929. 

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Act fast and stay safe

If you have compromised your banking details or suspect fraud on your account, notify us immediately on 0800 110 929. 




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For more information on fraud awareness visit our fraud awareness page. Stay safe and remain vigilant!

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