Doctor Khumalo: ‘My first salary was R8,000’

In episode 5 of the Nedbank Reality Football series, Brian Mathe talks to Doctor Khumalo, popularly known as 16-V in his playing days and one of the greatest soccer legends South Africa has produced. In this revealing interview Doc opens up about momentous events in his life that shaped his character, and the role his family played in coaching him about life and financial choices.

He and Brian discuss the importance of surrounding yourself with good friends and mentors, specifically how they were lucky to have had elderly advisors with their best interests at heart. Doctor remembers his mother advising him to flush out toxic friends and fraternise only with those who had his best interests at heart.

Like many players, he got into football because of his passion for the sport, not for money. ‘There was no money back then. My first salary was R8,000 and I was still at school,’ he says. From the very beginning, he adds, he was lucky to have his family to teach him about money and the power of saving.

He also advises youngsters to be honest and transparent with their parents about the money they earn. He and Brian create a spot-on analogy between soccer and making better money choices.

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