Get Nu Metro discounts on your Nedbank credit card

The big screen is still the best way to watch great films, and the experience is even better when it costs you less. If you’re a Nedbank credit cardholder, the good news is that your card continues to offer you superb savings on movie nights.

In a deal exclusive to Nedbank cardholders, you get 50% off the price of your Nu Metro movie tickets for regular 2D and 3D movies, and a 25% discount on any VIP or Xtreme movies, when you pay with your Nedbank Mastercard, American Express, Visa or Greenbacks SHOP Card.

Discounts don’t end with the ticket price

If you pay with one of these Nedbank cards, you will also get 50% off a medium cooldrink-and-popcorn combo at Nu Metro cinemas. Yes, your entire movie experience, with all the trimmings, comes at a discount if you pay with your Nedbank or American Express cards.

Don’t forget that if your card is registered for Greenbacks rewards, you’ll also earn Greenbacks – and you get double your Greenbacks if you pay with your Nedbank American Express Greenbacks Card.

Always something exciting on Nu Metro screens

There’s a selection of movies to suit all tastes at Nu Metro cinemas – but we have to admit, it’s the action fans who are spoilt for choice right now. For starters, you could try:

  • The Batman – Robert Pattinson’s second outing as the billionaire vigilante. This time he’s up against the Riddler – and the Wayne family’s dark past.

  • Spider-Man: No Way Home – The latest Marvel blockbuster features both Spidey and Dr Strange, as the duo try to erase the knowledge that Peter Parker is Spider-Man from the minds of everyone on Earth – simple, right? It has a solid emotional core, but nevertheless features lots of the webslinger’s trademark humour.

  • Uncharted – Video game fans will recognise the name, and now the popular game title is a movie. Tom Holland squares off against Antonio Banderas in an action-packed treasure hunt on the high seas.

But if you’re not an action fan, don’t worry. The Nu Metro line-up has something to see in whatever other categories you fancy, too – comedy, drama, romance, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, adventure, family, musicals, biopics and much more.

Here’s a selection of the other titles running right now:

  • Blacklight
  • Belfast
  • Death on the Nile
  • Sing 2

For more information on other forthcoming movies go to or call or WhatsApp 0861 246 362.

After months of being locked down at home, going to the movies has never seemed so attractive. But remember to stay safe – mask up, sanitise your hands and maintain a safe social distance. Read Nu Metro’s Covid-19 safety policy at Covid-19 safety policy.

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