Enjoy Nedbank card discounts at Nu Metro movies

Blockbuster movies at Nu Metro offer a feast of entertainment for anyone and everyone. Date night? A regular movie night with your mates? Amusing your kids and their friends during the holidays? From animation to adventure, with romance, comedy and action along the way, there’s always plenty to delight all ages.

The fun is even more affordable if you have a Nedbank debit or credit card, because you get discounts on tickets and listed refreshments.

In a deal exclusive to Nedbank cardholders, you get 50% off Nu Metro movie tickets for regular 2D, 3D, VIP or Xtreme movies when you pay with your Nedbank Mastercard, American Express, or Visa debit or credit card.

Nu Metro’s luxurious VIP cinemas have reclining leather seats with an in-cinema restaurant and fully licensed bar menu for ultimate comfort. The larger-than-life Xtreme cinema experience showcases movies on some of South Africa’s largest premium cinema screens, with ground-breaking Dolby Atmos sound and Ultra HD laser projection.

Discounts don’t end with the movie tickets!

You’ll also get 50% off a medium soda-and-popcorn combo at Nu Metro cinemas when you pay with these cards. Yes, your entire movie experience, with all the trimmings, comes at a discount if you pay with your Nedbank or Amex card. Terms and conditions apply.

And if you pay with a credit or debit card linked to Greenbacks, you’ll also earn Greenbacks – and double them if you pay with your Nedbank Amex card.

Always something exciting at Nu Metro

There’s a selection of movies to suit all tastes at Nu Metro cinemas. Here’s a selection of the films you can catch over the next few weeks:



Ghostbusters: The Frozen Empire (now showing)

(13) Guess what? The Spengler family decide to move back to New York City and reopen the old firehouse – just before an ancient artefact threatens to trigger a worldwide ice age. Who you gonna call? (comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, action)


Sleeping Dogs (now showing)

(16) Russell Crowe stars as a detective with amnesia trying to solve a cold case that he can no longer remember. (thriller)


Abigail (now showing)

(18) The kidnap drama gets a wild makeover, in this refreshing mashup with organised crime and undead bloodsuckers. (horror, thriller, fantasy)


The Fall Guy (opens 26 April)

(16) Ryan Gosling as a has-been action choreographer who turns private investigator when a missing movie star threatens to derail ex-girlfriend Emily Blunt’s directorial debut. (action, romance, comedy)


10 Lives (opens 26 April)

(PG) Animated family tale about a cat who uses up all 9 lives, and then gets a chance at 1 more, provided he switches species. While saving the world from an evil villain at the same time… (animated, family, comedy, action, fantasy)


Just Now Jeffrey (opens 3 May)

(TBA) South African teen comedy set in 1989. As the world around him changes at lightning speed, Joburg teenager Jeffrey is more interested in losing his virginity. His plans run awry, and he and his best mate end up on a wild ride. All-star South African cast makes this one a winner! (comedy, action, romance)


Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (opens 10 May)

(TBA) 300 years after the last clash between apes and humans, apes are evolving different civilisations while human grow wild and primitive. The rise of a tyrant forces a chimpanzee and a young human to embark on a dangerous quest together to save the future. (fantasy, action, drama, sci-fi)


Imaginary Friends (opens 17 May)

(A) Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski, who also wrote and directed, in a charming mix of live action and CGI animation. It’s the story of a young girl who starts seeing all the imaginary friends that the adults around her left behind when they grew up. (family, adventure, comedy, drama)


Book your seats now

The Nu Metro line-up has something to see in whatever category you fancy – comedy, drama, romance, thrillers, horror, sci-fi, action, adventure, family, musicals, biopics and much more.

For more information on upcoming movies or to book tickets, go to Nu Metro, or call or WhatsApp 0861 246 362. Tickets are also available through the self-service terminal in cinemas.

Going to the movies has never seemed so attractive. Nu Metro cinemas are open every day, with all seats available for a safe, out-of-home entertainment experience like no other.