Unveiling the benefits of a relationship banker


At Nedbank, we take responsibility and accountability for your banking experience. That’s why our Private Clients solutions offer a network of specialist relationship bankers to understand your personal circumstances. They are dedicated to your banking experience and trained to handle even the most complex requests. 

Our relationship bankers take care of the general banking needs of clients, whether self-employed or in any professional field, especially as those needs develop and grow. Their services are one of the exclusive benefits available to private clients.

Some of our relationship bankers are focused on industry expertise for specific professions, such as our specialist medical professional bankers.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the advantages that a relationship banker offers these clients. 

What do relationship bankers do?

As the name implies, a relationship banker is a financial professional who offers a variety of banking services directly to our qualifying clients, including lending, finance and investment opportunities.

Crucially, these services are accompanied by personalised advice on all these banking products. The purpose of a relationship banker is exactly that – to provide a human relationship between you and your bank. 

Relationship bankers have a suite of relevant skills and experience in the financial services industry. Your banker is there to give you informed, professional advice on banking transactions, and to guide you through administrative processes.

Relationship bankers are not only qualified specialists in their financial field (for example, investment services), but they are also good communicators with the empathy to build a strong service relationship with you. They get to know your financial circumstances and understand your goals, so that they can align their advice to support both. They will help you find the right customised financial services for your needs at every stage of your life or career.


Private clients qualify for personalised investment and lending rates


In addition, the relationship banker assigned to you is your conduit to all the bank’s services, there to help you with challenges and questions. For example, your relationship banker will help you with complex transactions and specialised lending or investment solutions, and alert you to policies and products that support your financial objectives. 

Your relationship banker can connect you to a wealth adviser

Private clients have access to a range of specialised services offered by our wealth advisers, including:

Long-term financial planning

Successful investors lean on the expertise of suitably qualified wealth advisers and managers across a range of disciplines. Your relationship banker is your link to this expertise, to help assess and develop your education savings plan, retirement plan or estate planning needs.

Tailored finance solutions

Private clients qualify for personalised investment and lending rates that combine your life goals with the ability to finance those goals over time. For example, your relationship banker can help you to secure a home loan or vehicle finance. Apply directly with a relationship banker to secure an interest rate tailored to you.

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