A relationship banker – your single point of contact

If you’re a Private Client at Nedbank, you’ll be familiar with your relationship banker. But did you know that they can help you with more than just your banking queries and that you always deal with the same relationship banker – no matter whether you need to do your personal or business banking?

Your relationship banker is your single point of contact across the bank and is unique to Private Clients.

More than just a banker

When you have a relationship banker on call, you’re getting more than just personalised service. You have access to every possible service you could expect from a leading financial institution.

Want bank accounts with debit and credit cards? Need vehicle finance or a home loan? Looking to invest locally or abroad? Want to travel abroad? All of that, and more, is available to you through your relationship banker.

You also have the back-up of our round-the-clock dedicated service team (call them on 0860 555 222) to iron out any problems or queries you may have.

Your relationship banker can also take care of your family’s financial needs. And if they can’t answer your questions immediately, they have a hotline to subject matter experts throughout the bank who’ll be able to give you the right guidance.

The Private Client environment is one filled with exclusive, personalised services delivered through a single channel – your relationship banker

Apart from advice and expert insights, you can also get access to specialised services, like a wealth advisor who is qualified to give you advice on your long-term financial plans.

You also benefit from preferential investment rates and tailored credit solutions like a 100% mortgage up to R5 million and immediate credit decisions on vehicle finance applications.

Long-term financial planning

Wealth planning is important, and the last thing you need is to put your hard-earned money at risk by making novice investment choices. No matter how good you are at making or earning your livelihood, preserving and growing your assets is an entirely different proposition. That is  why successful investors lean on the expertise of suitably qualified wealth advisors and managers across a range of disciplines.

Your relationship banker is a crucial link to this expertise. They can help with assessing your business finances, cash flow needs and required returns, or looking after your education savings plan, retirement plan or estate planning needs.

More sophisticated investment and wealth management resources are available to clients who need specialised services, like our Treasury Desk, which can help with better rates on larger investments. You also benefit from an introduction to our wealth advisors and professional stockbrokers, who can structure a tailored investment portfolio for you.

Tailored finance solutions

As a Private Client, you qualify for special provisions and personalised rates that let you live the life you want in a financially savvy way. Handy deals you could qualify for include 100% bonds up to R5 million and provisional approval on vehicle finance within minutes.

We can offer these and many more financing solutions because your relationship banker knows about more than just your bank balance. Allowing your banker to gain a deeper understanding of your financial aspirations, combined with your track record, will enable them to tailor solutions that are unique to your needs and means.

Exclusive travel perks

Chances are that your lifestyle involves some degree of leisure and possibly even business travel. And because we know this most likely include international destinations, we’ve packaged a host of exclusive travel perks to make your travel experience as enjoyable as possible.

Apart from access to special travel deals, you also have unlimited access to Bidvest Premier airport lounges when departing from South Africa, and then you and a guest can make use of 10 international airport lounges, with your Visa Signature cards.

We also offer protection in the form of automatic medical emergency insurance on international flights booked with your credit card, as well as purchase protection and extended warranties.

As you can see, the Private Client environment is one filled with exclusive, personalised services delivered through a single channel – your relationship banker.

How to view your banker and book an appointment with them

On the Money app

  1. Log in to the Money app using your Nedbank ID.
  2. You can also log in with your app PIN, fingerprint or Face ID.
  3. Tap Get in touch.
  4. Tap Your banker and then Book an appointment. 

On Online Banking

  1. Log in to Online Banking with your Nedbank ID.
  2. Click on Get in touch.
  3. Then click on Book an appointment.