One-stop online shopping using a credit card on Avo

Join hundreds of new Nedbank Gold Credit Card accountholders in opening a world of possibilities this summer. Online shopping with a credit card is simpler, and that’s just the beginning. Did you know that you can use your card on Avo SuperShop without having to create an Avo Wallet first?

The disruptions of Covid revolutionised online shopping. More people are discovering the safety and convenience of buying anything they need through their mobile devices and home computers. Credit cards have become the preferred method for quick, secure payments.

What is Avo?

Avo is a one-stop shop for all the goods and services you need to live your best life – from groceries and airtime, data and electricity bundles to the perfect gifts for the holiday season. It’s designed to simplify your digital life and ensures you always get the best deals from South Africa’s top brands, all in one super app.

Linking your credit card to Avo

We’ve made it easier than ever to shop on Avo. All you need to do is link your credit card to get access to a new world of deals. Just add your credit card details by following the prompts at checkout. It’s quick and simple, whether you’re stocking up on everyday staples or topping up on drinks for a big game on TV.

Plus, you’ll earn Greenbacks on every purchase on Avo if your credit card is linked to the Nedbank Greenbacks programme. You can spend Greenbacks on anything on Avo – simply convert them to Avo Points to unlock great savings. You can also donate some to a worthy cause through your Nedbank affinity.

To get access to more Avo rewards, you can create an Avo Wallet to earn points on every purchase. The Avo Wallet offers easy, secure mobile transactions with instant wallet-to-wallet payments. With Avo Wallet you’ll earn 1% cash back in Avo Points on every purchase. Every Avo Point is worth R1, so that’s cash in your pocket to shop for more great deals.

You can then convert your Greenbacks to Avo Points to get more bang for your buck. You can also save them towards something special.

Why shop on Avo?

With the summer holiday season around the corner, shopping on Avo just makes sense. Festive shopping is easier, with loads of promotions and discounts, so you can skip the busy malls. Avo also offers a range of digital vouchers – for Xbox, Spotify, PlayStation and more – so that you can give the gift of choice.

Avo has something for everyone, and you can get your purchases delivered anywhere in South Africa. Keep an eye out for festive deals to help you use your credit card wisely and stick to an affordable budget.