Shari’ah-compliant investments


Nedbank strives to meet the individual needs of every client, so we are pleased to provide Shari’ah-compliant banking services to our clients who require them. 


What are Shari’ah-compliant investment funds?


There are several non-permissible sources of investment income that Muslims may not exploit under Islamic law, and Shari’ah-compliant investment funds include only those investments allowed by these guidelines. Non-permissible investments include any in the following fields: 

  • Businesses that offer, as their core activities, interest-based money-lending transactions.
  • Conventional insurance.
  • Embryonic or stem-cell research and cloning.
  • Alcohol, pornography, gambling, non-Halaal meat, nightclubs, or trading in gold and silver on a deferred basis.

Any asset proposed by fund managers is evaluated by the respective fund’s independent Shari’ah Supervisory Board. They issue Shari’ah certificates to attest to the compliance of the fund.

We offer Shari’ah-compliant funds from 2 investment houses: Old Mutual and Camissa Asset Management (previously known as Kagiso Asset Management).


Explore Shari’ah-compliant investments


To learn more about Shari’ah-compliant investment options, speak to your financial planner. If you are a Nedbank Private Wealth client, please contact your wealth manager. If you are not yet a client, please complete this online contact form.