Unlocking potential: YouthX is back, bigger than ever

If you’ve been with Nedbank for a while, you should be no stranger to YouthX – the 24/7 platform brought to you by Unlocked.Me. But if you’re wondering what we’re talking about, this blog will get you up to speed with everything you need to know.

What is YouthX and why should you care?

YouthX is a movement created to give young people access to the resources, inspiration, and mentorship that you need to unlock your potential through your passions. We want you to get ahead, live your best life and do what makes you happy – but we also know that this is a complex journey to navigate. This is our way of helping you get there.

YouthX 2022 – changing categories

YouthX used to offer 6 different categories, but after listening to your feedback, we realised that we needed to rethink that structure, if we were going to give you what you need to unlock your potential. So, this year we have 4 main categories, each with 4 sub-categories.

Category 1: Sport & Entertainment

Although we’d love to discover the next Doctor Khumalo, that’s not what we’re here to do. This category is all about the business behind gaming, music, television, sports, and everything else that exists to engage audiences. The sub-categories for Sport and Entertainment are:

  1. Participation and activities
  2. Marketing and commercialisation
  3. Broadcast and media
  4. Other

Category 2: Tech & Innovation

If this looks familiar, it’s because this was one of the most popular YouthX categories in 2021 – why change something that works? This category speaks to the creation and implementation of tech, apps, and any other innovations that create new products and systems that make our lives easier or solve existing problems. The sub-categories for Tech and Innovation are:

  1. Software app and product development
  2. Data analytics
  3. Web3
  4. Other

Category 3: Arts & Culture

We’re all about the different ways in which people express their creativity and imagination – and this category celebrates the many different art forms that help us to feel, connect, laugh, celebrate, and experience a wide range of emotions. The sub-categories for Arts and Culture are:

  1. Visual and literary
  2. Fashion and beauty
  3. Culinary
  4. Other

Category 4: Social Good & Sustainability

This category focuses on the business behind sustainability, as well as acts of good performed to help large groups of people and society. Essentially, it covers any initiatives that make life a bit better for us and those around us – because it’s tough out there. The sub-categories for Social Good and Sustainability are:

  1. Philanthropy
  2. Mental wellness through society
  3. Environmental solutions
  4. Other

YouthX 2022 Changemakers

This year, we also have more changemakers on board to act as mentors, share valuable lessons and experiences, and give you the inside scoop on their success. And don’t worry – we’re bringing you the people you want to learn from:

Sport & Entertainment

  • Keitumetse Qhali – Sport & Entertainment: Participation and activities
  • Thabo Moloi – Sport & Entertainment: Marketing and commercialisation
  • Julia Stuart – Sport & Entertainment: Broadcast and media
  • Chantel Struwig – Sport & Entertainment: Other

Tech & Innovation

  • Dr Cherise Dunn – Tech & Innovation: Software app and product development
  • Baratang Miya – Tech & Innovation: Data analytics
  • Ulrico Grech-Cumbo – Tech & Innovation: Web3
  • Keitumetse Pule – Tech & Innovation: Other

Arts & Culture

  • Trevor Stuurman – Arts & Culture: Visual and literary 
  • Thatiso Dube – Arts & Culture: Fashion and beauty
  • Mmiso Luphondo – Arts & Culture: Culinary
  • Tarryn Alberts – Arts & Culture: Other

Social Good & Sustainability

  • Candice Chirwa – Social Good & Sustainability: Philanthropy
  • Dr Gwen Tonyane – Social Good & Sustainability: Mental wellness through society
  • Catherine Constantinides – Social Good & Sustainability: Environmental solutions
  • Sonia Tona – Social Good & Sustainability: Other

The 2022 YouthX Awards

Keep an eye on our pages for details of the YouthX Awards. This is your chance to take a shot and enter your business proposals and ideas. Who knows? You could walk away as the winner of a life-changing prize to help you enter the next chapter of your career with some extra swag.

YouthX Live events and the YouthX Summit

We’ll also be travelling across the country to bring you 4 free YouthX Live events every month from August to November. These experiences include masterclasses with our changemakers and loads of opportunities to network, learn, be seen and ultimately, kick-start your career.

Here are the 2022 YouthX dates you need to know:

  • 17 September: Arts & Culture YouthX Live in Durban
  • 8 October: Sport & Entertainment YouthX Live in Pretoria
  • 22 October: Tech & Innovation YouthX Live in Cape Town
  • 5 November: Social Good & Sustainability YouthX Live in Johannesburg

There will also be another game-changing YouthX Summit towards the end of 2022. We’ll share some more details around this very soon. While you wait, check the YouthX platform regularly, because we’ll be uploading fresh content every month.