It’s the vision that only you can see. Let us help you unlock your X.

“Unlock the power of your X”


In recent years, the trend of "repping your hood" has become a powerful cultural phenomenon. From dance battles to neighbourhood rivalries, communities have long competed to showcase the best of their local culture, music, and style. 

We recognize the inherent potential within these communities and seek to harness it through our Youth X by Nedbank platform. We propose a challenge that not only taps into the spirit of community pride but also empowers youth to unlock their full potential.


What is the challenge?

3 dynamic people from your hood will showcase the power of their communities and help unlock your X. These people are known and respected for their hustle, proudly representing where they come from. With a social media presence and deep connections in their community, they will empower the youth.


What is in it for you?

With our help, each candidate will curate and bring to life an activation that reps their hood. You need to support your candidate and rep your hood by participating in the activation, while having the opportunity to engage with Nedbank representatives about the MiGoals account and how it can help you unlock to power of your X.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the power of your X. 

MiGoals card


For anytime, anywhere banking on your terms, get MiGoals.


  • R5.00 per month

  • Free Savings Pocket 

  • Free statements 

  • Free card swipes 

MiGoals card

MiGoals Plus

Enjoy the full range of benefits with MiGoals Plus: the bank account that means business, with great benefits for youth.


  • R99.00 per month

  • Cashback on groceries 

  • Cashback on fuel 

  • Free Savings Pocket 


32Day Notice account

Enjoy above-average interest rates that get higher as your money grows. A great way to invest your personal or small-business funds


  • Opening deposit of R250.00

  • Interest of 6.95% to 8.30% a year 

  • Access to your money after only 32 days’ notice

  • Zero monthly fees 

Investment image

JustInvest account

Earn up to 8.75% interest for the first three months when you open, switch to or reinvest in a JustInvest account between now and 31 July 2024.


  • Opening deposit of R500.00 

  • Interest rate of 7.05% to 8.75% a year

  • Access your funds within a minimum of 24 hours*

  • Zero monthly fees 

More value

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My Career

Move Up in your career, whether you’ve just matriculated or graduated or want to make a career change. Polish your CV, search for entry-level opportunities or add a new skill to smash your next interview. 

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My Hustle

SimplyBiz ® gives you access to helpful business tools and information, from business solutions to boosting your business-to-business visibility. 

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My Lifestyle

Level up your lifestyle with access to great offers and info on how you can live your best life.