Children under the age of 16. 

This account has zero monthly maintenance fees.

You will need your child's abridged or unabridged birth certificate.

You can upload it when you apply for the account. Select Browse and then select the document where you have saved it. On the Money app, you can take a screenshot of the birth certificate and upload it. See the detailed How to steps.

Alternatively, email your documents to

You can email your documents to

Your child will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free SMS alerts in real time.
  • Zero monthly maintenance fees.
  • Free card swipes.
  • Free interaccount transfers and balance enquiries on digital channels.
  • Access to Penny Power financial education content.


Yes. The account will be activated as soon as your application is approved. 

The courier will arrange delivery of your child’s card. This will take between 3 to 5 business days. You can also arrange to pick up the card at a branch 


Parents can now link their child's account to the Money app for limited transactions through Kids Digital Banking.

Kids Digital Banking puts safe and convenient banking in the hands of all children under the age of 16 by giving them access to the Money app where they can perform a limited set of transactions under the guidance of their parents.

By introducing digital banking from an early age, parents can teach their children about smart money choices, and empower them to build on their financial literacy for a brighter future.

Your child will be able to perform the following transactions with Kids Digital Banking:

  • Check their account balances

  • Buy prepaid data and airtime for cellphone numbers that have been loaded by their parents

  • Pay approved recipients that have been loaded by their parents 

  • Buy electricity for meter numbers that have been loaded by their parents

  • Track their spend and manage their budgets through My Smart Money

Only the parent whom the child’s account is linked to can initiate registration for Kids Digital Banking on the Money app.

The parent will need to register their child for digital banking using their own Money app

To qualify for Kids Digital Banking, your child must be under the age of 16, have a MiGoals4Kids Account, and have a smartphone of their own.  

To register your child for Kinds Digital Banking, you will need to have access to the Money app on your smartphone as well as a MiGoals4Kids Account of your own.

Children who use the Money app’s Kids Digital Banking feature will not be able to perform the following functions:

  • Add a beneficiary for payment

  • Add a cellphone number to buy prepaid data and airtime for

  • Make once-off payments

  • Buy lottery tickets or any other gambling products

  • Buy vouchers (this feature will be available in future releases)

  • Apply for credit

The parent has administrative rights to do the following:

  • Initiate the registration process from their Money app profile.

  • Toggle between their and their child’s profiles on the Money app. 

Once the parent has opened their child's profile, they will be able to do the following:

  • Add beneficiaries for payments on their child's profile.

  • Add cellphone numbers that can be loaded with prepaid data and airtime on their child's profile.

  • Add electricity meter numbers that can be loaded with prepaid electricity.

  • Deregister their child's profile from Kids Digital Banking.


To load beneficiaries on your child’s MiGoals4Kids Account, a parent will first need to switch from their own profile on their own Money app to their child’s profile.

Once loaded, the registered child will be able to make payments and buy prepaid data, airtime and electricity only for cellphone numbers and electricity meter numbers that have been loaded to their profile by their parent.