It’s time to update your Money app

Take app updates seriously to ensure that you get the best app experience. Update your Money app now.

Why update the Nedbank Money app?

We release new features and enhancements monthly. To enjoy them, it's essential to update the app to the latest version. Newer app versions come with better stability.

Key benefits
  • Keeps the app stable and fast.

  • Regular updates ensure that the app works seamlessly.

  • Gives you access to new features and services

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Why can’t I update my app?

You might be battling to update your Money app because of this:

  • You may not have enough space on your device. This usually happens when your device runs out of storage. A quick fix for this is to remove apps and files you don’t want or use, and try updating the app again. Or you could add more storage, eg by getting a memory card or moving some files to online storage.
  • Your device operating system (OS) version is not supported. The Android and iOS operating systems release regular updates that include more features and bug fixes as well as improve stability and security. It's best to update your device OS to the latest version. The minimum versions the app requires are as follows:
    •  Android – OS 5.
    • iOS – OS 10.
  • Devices that have OS versions below these specifications will not support Money app updates.
  • You don't have data, or you have a poor data connection. If your device is not connected to the internet, via either mobile data or Wi-Fi, app updates will not be possible. Please ensure your device has a good data connection.

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Create and manage your Nedbank ID username and password on the Money app or Online Banking. This single sign-on gives you full digital access to Nedbank’s banking and lifestyle products and services.




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