Instant payments

Need to pay someone fast? Send money to beneficiaries at other banks with Instant Pay. Available on the Money app or Online Banking.

For those emergencies that need to be cleared as soon as possible:

Simply log on to your Money app or Online Banking

Select the beneficiary you would like to pay

Select Instant Pay and enter the amount you would like to send

Check that your details are correct before you complete the payment


Why use Instant Pay?

Because it's quick, simple and convenient! No need to wait in queues or go to branch or to an ATM. Payments to other banks are cleared in under 30 minutes, and for your absolute convenience, the service is available at any time of day including weekends and public holidays.


For other digital banking benefits, see our how-to guides.






Need more info?

Take note of our FAQs on instant payments

You cannot cancel or reverse instant payments. Be sure to enter the correct account name and number before you make the payment.

You daily Instant Pay limit is R10 000. You can increase this to R50 000 if you need to on the digital channels, but for limits over this amount you'll need to visit your nearest branch.

You pay for the instant payments service. Your Nedbank pricing guide has more details.

The payment(s), in most instances, can be made to a current/savings account only.

The table below details the processing window. All participating banks will be restricted to different transaction limits for each of the processing windows in line with real-time clearing rules.


Processing window Item limit value 
Business days (Monday to Friday – daytime)  00:00:01–16:00 R5,000,000
Weekdays (Monday to Friday – overnight) 16:00:01–00:00 R250,000
Public holidays All day R250,000
Weekends 16:00:01–00:00 on Sunday R250,000




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