Access to exclusive online discounts on Avo SuperShop

Level 4


8% Greenbacks Exclusive discount

Level 4


8% Greenbacks Exclusive discount

Level 4

Greenbacks Travel

20% Greenbacks Exclusive discount on flights with selected airlines

Greenbacks and discounts from our reward partners


25c cash back per litre in Greenbacks

Nu Metro cinemas

50% off on tickets and popcorn combos 

Avo SuperShop 

Greenbacks Exclusive deals and AvoPoints 


Earn whenever you use any Greenbacks-linked card

You get up to 0.8% of your spend back using Visa or Mastercard. But you get even more with 1.2% in Greenbacks using American Express.

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  • You must have a qualifying Nedbank transactional account to join Greenbacks.
  • Your income or salary must be paid into your qualifying Nedbank transactional account.
  • You must spend at least R5,000 on your card or swipe your card at least three times every month.
  • Make sure that you pay your loan instalments on time and in full every month, and ensure you do not exceed your overdraft limit.
  • "Money out" means money that you pay a third party, for example, a retailer or service provider using Bill Payments or buying prepaid airtime, data or electricity on the Money app or Online Banking.

How to earn more Greenbacks

Choose American Express

Use your Greenbacks-linked Amex credit or debit card to earn even more Greenbacks.

Bank online

Bank digitally, pay your loans on time and in full every month, and save monthly to move up levels. A higher level means more rewards.

Use Bill Payments

Earn Greenbacks by paying your bills, including your rates and taxes, DStv and more using Bill Payments on the Money app or Online Banking.  

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