What will be next for you

Before settling or cancelling your home loan, consider your next steps and options.

Settle your home loan but keep your account open

This allows you to keep your access to NedRevolve (if applicable) and you may apply for a readvance or further loan. For this option, you will keep paying the monthly service fee and insurance premium (if applicable) and Nedbank retains the title deed of your home.

Cancel your bond and close your account

No further access to NedRevolve, readvance, or further loan will be granted. An attorney will be appointed to cancel the bond, which can take up to 3 months. A bond cancellation fee will apply, (estimated at R5 000 per bond) and will increase if further loans were taken up during your loan term. The cancellation fee is payable to the cancellation attorney. Once the bond is cancelled at the Deeds Office, you will no longer have a home loan with us and you will receive the title deed of your home.

Taking the first steps

Here's what you need to do to request settlement or bond cancellation.

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You have paid up your home loan account

Call us on 0800 555 111 or log a request on the Money app or Online Banking (features tab) for Settlement or Bond cancellation.

notice period

If you are selling your home and have an outstanding balance.

If you are selling your home and need to close your home loan account:

  • You’ll need to give a 90-day notice before closing your account. 
  • If this notice is not given, an early termination fee will be charged as prescribed by the National Credit Act. 
  • The termination fee to be paid will be equal to the interest you will have been charged for the remaining period, but no more than three months’ interest as stated on your home loan agreement.  
  • Your notice given will be valid for a year, and if you do not close your home loan account within this time, you will have to give us a 90-day notice again.

How bond cancellation works

Contact Nedbank

Use the Money app or Online Banking (features tab) or call us on 0800 555 111 to request cancellation.

Insurance transfer

If you have a homeowner’s cover with us and the premium is included in your home loan instalment, you’ll need to move the premium cover to your transactional account. For help, contact Nedbank Insurance on 0860 333 111.

Attorney appointment

We will appoint an attorney to handle the cancellation process with the Deeds Office. You will be responsible for paying the bond cancellation fee to the attorney for their services rendered to you.

Title deed

Once your bond has been cancelled, we will arrange for your title deed to be sent to you. Up until this point, your title deed is kept securely at the bank.

What happens if you don't cancel your bond

title deed

If you don’t cancel your bond, your home loan account will remain open and the title deed of your property will remain with us. You’ll however continue to pay the monthly service fee and insurance premium until you cancel your bond.

access funds

Keeping your account open is useful if you want to access funds or apply for a further loan.


Once your home loan term has been reached, we won’t be able to secure any additional funds for you and you will need to follow the process of cancelling your bond.

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