Lady checking Money app on her mobile device

Tips to help you shop online safely

  • Beware of new or unknown online retailers. If you are buying from them for the first time, do some research and check their online reviews. 

  • Don’t enter card information on websites that offer unrealistically low-priced products and have terms and conditions that automatically subscribe you to long-term monthly payments. Take the time to read the terms and conditions.

  • Never share your Nedbank ID username and password or card PIN with anyone over the phone or enter it on a webpage you accessed through a link in an email or SMS.

  • Always read your Approve-it messages carefully, decline the transaction if you didn't make it and report the incident to us immediately on 0800110929.

Lady checking Money app on her mobile device

Stay one step ahead

  • If your mobile device is lost or has been stolen, let us know immediately. And if you have the Money app installed on your device, have it deactivated and have any tokens for digital wallets linked to your card removed.

  • Be careful of doing online shopping on public wifi or unsecured networks. Rather type the web addresses in your browser instead of clicking on links in messages.  

  • Report a fraudulent SIM swaps or number ports that you did not request to your service provider to block the SIM card, and let us know immediately on 0800110929.



Stay safe and remain vigilant

For more information, visit our fraud awareness page.