Agrico and Nedbank partner for sustainable agriculture


If you’re a farmer, you’ll know that efficient use of water and energy are among the key challenges of sustainable agriculture. Centre-pivot irrigation is among the most efficient, cost effective and sustainable of all systems. Though at first it may appear more expensive and technologically demanding, it will ultimately bring you more cost benefits by using the least water resources most efficiently.


Centre-pivots: Choosing the right irrigation system

One of the main benefits of a centre-pivot is improved water management and the ability to apply water more evenly and expansively for irrigation purposes. Powered by hydraulics and electric motors, and coupled with precision irrigation, centre-pivot systems deliver the ideal amount of water and nutrients directly to the roots of your crops, rather than randomly watering the soil.

This can result in bigger, better yields using only a fraction of the resources. The technology used in precision irrigation systems also takes plant irrigation needs, climate conditions, soil variation, the topography of local terrain and sprinkler pressure into account.

Some advantages of these systems include:

  • Applying irrigation uniformly.

  • Reducing the need for human labour.

  • Operating at reduced pressures to conserve energy.

  • Preventing water run-off through more efficient water use.


Agrico and Nedbank: A winning partnership

Agrico has added smart technology to centre-pivot irrigation that you can use to control your system digitally. Whether you install a new centre-pivot system from scratch or upgrade your existing system to include the new technology, Agrico’s unique RAIN control panels give you digital control over when your irrigation system operates, and exactly how much water and fertiliser it delivers to the soil.


Finance is available for up to 100% of the cost of the centre-pivot irrigation system

Agrico is one of SA’s foremost turnkey manufacturers and suppliers of drip and centre-pivot irrigation systems. With over a century of experience in the field, their irrigation solutions use only the best components and technology. They’ll tailor a system to your specific needs and ensure optimal use of your available water and energy resources. Nedbank and Agrico have a shared purpose in supporting the sustainability of the agricultural sector as a key contributor to the South African economy.

Nedbank and Agrico have partnered to create an enhanced route to financing your new centre-pivot irrigation system, or an upgrade to your existing system with Agrico technology. Take advantage of the cost and sustainability benefits that more efficient irrigation systems offer. 


Navigating your financing challenges

Despite the clear advantages that centre-pivot systems with enhanced technology can offer, initial installation costs are high. Maintenance can also be expensive. The Agrico–Nedbank partnership is focused on overcoming these hurdles to help you realise the cost and efficiency benefits of an advanced centre-pivot irrigation system.

Here are some points to remember:

  • It is easy to apply.

  • You can visit your nearest Agrico branch and a consultant will help you apply.

  • Preferential interest rates apply.

  • Finance is available for up to 100% of the cost of the centre-pivot irrigation system, including pipes, electrical components and installation costs.

  • Finance upgrades can be arranged, such as a new control panel or spray packages, if they contribute to enhanced sustainability.

  • Finance options are available to all Nedbank clients.

  • Flexible repayment periods of up to 10 years can be arranged.

  • Financed equipment can serve as security.

Contact your local Agrico representative for more information or your Nedbank agribusiness adviser, or email