Introducing the YouthX Arts & Culture Changemakers

YouthX by Nedbank is back for its second edition, motivated to empower the youth of South Africa by giving them access to resources, mentorship, and inspiration to unlock their potential. Nedbank’s YouthX programme has been revamped to enhance its relevance by adding subcategories across the existing main categories, namely Sports & Entertainment, Tech & Innovation, Social Good & Sustainability and Arts & Culture.


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In this blog, we’ll unpack the Arts & Culture category and the 4 changemakers dedicated to inspiring and supplying insight for youth interested in building careers in the world of arts and culture. ‘Arts & Culture’ describes a huge range of industries across a broad, multifaceted category. To make it easier for YouthX participants to identify the industries that interest them, we split it up into the following 4 subcategories:

1. Visual Arts & Literacy

Representing this category is someone who has found major success within the arts – Trevor Stuurman. The award-winning contemporary multimedia visual artist and stylist has had his work showcased and honoured globally. Trevor is an AFDA graduate with a BA Honours in motion picture and live performance. While he is well travelled, he draws most of his inspiration from home – Africa. You can find out more about this changemaker on his website.

2. Fashion & Beauty

Nedbank is excited to be partnering with Thatiso Dube, the founder of GALXBOY in2008, a brand designed for the youth, by the youth. His work encompasses the modern aspirations of young South Africans. This year, Thatiso’s designs will be instrumental to our YouthX merchandise. These items will be up for grabs at the YouthX Live events and on the Unlocked.Me social pages. Learn more about this changemaker on LinkedIn.

3. Culinary

Representing the culinary subcategory is Mmiso aka Mmisology, an entrepreneur, DJ and mixologist who has found success in his unconventional career path. Inspired by his love for music, Mmiso hopes to inspire like-minded individuals. You can follow Mmisology on Instagram.

4. Other 

Representing the broader Arts & Culture category is Tarryn Alberts, an award-winning professional dancer who has toured the world with Die Antwoord and developed a relationship with global and local brands. She is inspired by the youth she works with at Nike’s Shapa Soweto and is an avid advocate for breaking racial and gender-based stereotypes in the dance and arts industry. You can follow Tarryn Alberts on Instagram.

All our Arts & Culture changemakers were on hand at YouthX Live to share their experience with attendees. If you would like to unlock your potential within the Arts & Culture space or any of the other YouthX categories, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in this year’s YouthX and you could be named the next Changemaker of the Year.

Don’t miss the 2022 YouthX Summit on 3 December in Johannesburg, with R300,000 in prizes that will go to the winners of the YouthX Awards. One winner will be selected in each of the 4 award categories.