Credit cards – the ultimate payment solution


When you consider the different benefits that a credit card can offer, it’s worth your while to find the right card for you. Let’s look at some of the most attractive credit card benefits.

Shop online with greater confidence

Even though most of us are getting more comfortable shopping online, there can still be some lingering doubts when buying from an unknown vendor an international site.

Fortunately, your credit card has built-in security features, like 3-D Secure, that help to reduce the risk.

3-D Secure is used by most credit card issuers and merchants to ensure that online transactions made on your card are being made by you. How it works is that you’ll be asked to verify that it’s really you making the purchase by entering an extra password – usually a one-time password sent to your cellphone.

Reverse incorrect or fraudulent purchases

One of the biggest benefits of using your credit card is that it’s easier to dispute incorrect or fraudulent purchases. This is a built-in feature on your credit card, which means you should be able to have any amount that was fraudulently charged to your card refunded.

Paying for day-to-day items with your credit card makes a lot of sense ... you aren’t charged any transaction fees

Free swipes, and more

Paying for day-to-day items with your credit card makes a lot of sense when you see the many benefits.

Firstly, you aren’t charged any transaction fees when you pay at the till. And you can use your card without paying any interest if you pay off the purchase before your statement due date. The best way to do this is to pay the full amount outstanding every month instead of paying only the minimum amount due.

This strategy pays even greater dividends if you sign up for the Greenbacks programme, which awards you 1 Greenback for every R5 of eligible spend. If you have an American Express card, you can earn 2 Greenbacks for spending the same amount on this card.

This Greenbacks programme has become even more rewarding since we’ve partnered with bp so you can get 25c cash back for every litre of fuel that you buy. Your cashback is paid in Greenbacks.