What you need to know about credit card security


When used correctly, it’s a valuable financial tool that can simplify many aspects of your life. It’s important to consider different aspects of credit card security, some of which you will need to manage yourself.

Control and manage your card

Maintaining control over your credit card should be quick and easy. That’s exactly what you get a credit card with Nedbank, which you can manage using online and mobile banking services, including the Money app.

These services allow you to manage your credit card as easily as your bank account. They also notify you of activity on your account, which will alert you to any suspicious or unauthorised card transactions. 

Online Banking and the Nedbank Money app make reporting a lost or stolen card easier too. You can activate, block or freeze your card, or even replace it – all from your smartphone.

With any credit card account with Nedbank, all these security features are in place from the start

Having this level of control at your fingertips also makes managing your account simple. Not only can you transfer money into your credit card or from your credit card to your bank accounts, but you can also apply to increase your credit limit, and set limits for how much you can withdraw at an ATM. 

You can also use digital banking to allow contactless and online payments or switch off those functions when you need to.

Extra built-in card protection

You enjoy extra protection features that are built into your credit card facility. The first of these is activated automatically when you open your account: consumer protection. You can dispute fraudulent transactions on your credit card and claim back any money lost.

Under certain circumstances you can also reverse payments if you have a dispute because you’ve been sold defective or incorrect goods. You should contact the credit card division immediately if you’ve suffered any losses like these.

The second protection is credit card insurance that will cover any outstanding debt on your card in case you’re unable to pay because of death, permanent disability and it will make your payments for you for 6 to 12 months if you're retrenched or otherwise lose your income.

What’s most important about this cover is that it will remove the financial burden from your family if you suffer any of these misfortunes. Applying for this credit insurance is quick and easy, with no medical tests needed.

Choosing a credit card account with Nedbank means all these security features are in place from the start: all wrapped up in a convenient bank-from-anywhere digital package.