The new Gold Credit Card: What’s all the fuss?

Overcoming your doubts about whether and how to use credit is only a matter of becoming better informed about the subject. This is precisely what the Koenas, the influencer couple, have done, and it allowed them to pursue their motto of ‘Love. Live. Travel.’

They speak openly and honestly in one of their newest videos about how they used to view credit and how they've changed their spending habits. In fact, they were so successful that they recently managed to buy their dream home.

You can watch the entire video here, or you can catch the most enlightening snippets that we've summarised below.

Watch the Koenas talk credit

Get the lowdown from YouTube couple Moratoa and Clement, and see the new Gold Credit Card benefits for yourself.

Credit card fears and regrets

Clement Koena admits to buying a television on his credit card before his marriage, which his wife believe is something he should have saved up to buy.

This is good, common sense that isn’t always that clear until you’ve been paying off on your latest luxury for months to come. A lesson the Koenas learnt is that there are times when it makes sense to use your credit card and there are times when its best to show some restraint.

And when you do that, Clement says, it allows you to use your cash for things you really need. Instead, you’re paying back on your credit card for what might have been an impulse buy.

This message is echoed by Moratoa, who points out that there is definitely regret involved when you’ve used your card irresponsibly rather than saving up, or resisting the urge to spend.

Responsible credit card use

For an influencer couple like the Koenas, who live life to the fullest, you’d expect that it’s all about glamour and living for the now. That may be the impression, but the happy couple clearly have their priorities sorted and know where they’re going.

This wasn’t always the case.

As Moratoa explains, her impressions about credit cards while growing up was very different from the reality. Life is nothing like the movies where characters happily go on a spending spree at the mall with their credit card.

Now she recognises that a credit card has very practical uses that make your life much easier. Whether paying at toll gates, making holiday bookings or shopping online, responsible credit card use really does make your life easier.

Popular credit card myths

Before educating themselves about credit cards, both Moratoa and her husband had heard many myths about credit cards.

The first of these is that you have to be super rich to be issued a credit card. As Moratoa says, this is far from the truth, especially with Nedbank’s new Gold Credit Card for which you only need a monthly salary of R5,000.

She also used to be under the impression that the only way to buy big-ticket items was with a credit card, and that ‘plastic money’ opens doors for you.

Your credit score and you

Clement, on the other hand, had heard the popular myth that the more credit cards you have, the better your credit score will be. This is not the case. Your credit score is determined by many factors, the most important of them being how well you manage your accounts.

He has since learnt that you can use your credit card to build a favourable credit score. A credit card is indeed a great way to establish a record of responsible credit use and regular, on-time payments.

Learning how to manage money and taking responsibility for their spending habits has helped to inform how the Koenas think about and manage their money.

Nedbank Gold Credit Card

And it’s because they’ve learnt how to use credit to their benefit that they’re so excited about Nedbank’s new Gold Credit Card that Moratoa describes as ‘accessible and inclusive’.

The minimum salary of R5,000 ‘gives you a seat at the table’, as she puts it, with fees from only R40 a month.

The Gold Credit Card is packed with features and benefits ranging from the Greenbacks rewards programme to digital offerings and safe, secure online shopping. Most importantly, the low interest rate means there’s no need to turn to informal lenders who tend to charge high interest rates and are not afraid to use intimidation if you’re unable to pay on time.

You can apply online today for a Gold Credit Card that can open doors and opportunities that everyday South Africans like the Koenas enjoy.