3 ways a credit card can make your life easier

When used the right way, it becomes much more than a simple go-to solution in an emergency.

An instant, interest-free loan

Your card could be the cheapest way to pay for what you need. Firstly, you aren’t charged any fees on point-of-sale swipes and, if you settle what you owe within 55 days, you don’t pay any interest either.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of paying off your debt over a longer time, especially if you choose to pay only the minimum amount. The minimum due amount is calculated as a percentage of what you still owe, plus the monthly interest. For example, if owe R10 000, your monthly repayment on a card with 18% interest would be R400, which is made up of R150 in interest and R250 on the debt amount.

However, if you’re able to pay off the R10,000 within 55 days, then you don’t pay any interest. Doing this rather than paying just the minimum monthly amount could save you a few thousand rand over a few years.

Added protection

Your credit card has built-in buyer’s protection. If you don’t receive what you’ve ordered, or you need to return wrong or damaged goods, then you can dispute the transaction and get back the money you were charged. This chargeback feature is available on all credit cards. You would obviously have to return the wrong or damaged goods.

Scan to pay lets you buy online quick, safe and easy, but you can also link your card to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Masterpass, Zapper and SnapScan

Your online shopping experience is also made safer because you can use your card without having to share your credit card details, especially your security PIN. When your card is linked to the Nedbank Money app, you can use the 'scan to pay' feature to buy online quickly and easily.

You can also link your card to popular payment apps like  Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Masterpass, Zapper, and SnapScan. Nedbank clients can also access virtual cards on the Nedbank Money app for an added layer of security.

A rewarding experience

The way you use your credit card will change when you sign up to Greenbacks. You can earn Greenbacks when spending on your Nedbank cards, and use Greenbacks to pay for anything from bank fees to online shopping. Our unique rewards programme also gives you access to special discounts, vouchers and coupons.

It's clear that if you use your card in the right ways, there are more benefits than disadvantages to paying with your credit card. It truly is a great tool that you can use to improve your life and that of your family.

From only R50 per month you can get a new Nedbank Gold Credit Card and pay zero fees when you tap, dip or swipe to pay.