4 times it makes sense to pay with your credit card

But there are equally good reasons to buy certain things with your credit card. Here are the top 4 times when using your card makes absolute sense.

1. When shopping – online or in-store

Shopping online has never been quicker or easier, although some shoppers are still cautious when buying online because of the ever-present threat of fraud. It makes sense to protect yourself whenever and wherever you can, and paying with a credit card is one way to do just that. The main reason for this is that it’s easier to dispute a a fraudulent transaction on your credit card.

You can also use your credit card for day-to-day shopping in stores, from groceries or clothing to household furnishings and appliances. As long as you pay off the full amount every month, you don’t pay interest on these purchases. Plus, you gain the convenience and security of not having to carry cash when shopping.

2. When filling up

This next benefit is exclusive to Nedbank customers using a credit card linked to the Greenbacks Rewards programme: when you buy fuel at a BP filling station, you not only earn Greenbacks points, but also get back 25c back for every litre of fuel you buy.

To qualify for this deal, you’ll need to have joined the Greenbacks programme. This add-on to the rewards programme helps you earn Greenbacks points whenever you use your credit card to buy in-store or online.

3. When buying from an unknown seller

This tip is closely linked to the first one because it’s easier to dispute credit card transactions, whether buying online or not. So, when you’re buying from a new shop or someone you’ve never bought from before, use your credit card. This lowers your exposure to fraud, and would limit the potential damage you would suffer if your bank account was cleared out. Credit card companies are also quick to pick up unusual or suspicious transactions and will alert you if a fraudulent transaction is suspected.

4. Whenever you hire a car

This is also something that’s not happening as often as it used to, but a credit card definitely simplifies car hire. This includes the entire process from booking to returning your car. Whenever you arrive at the counter of the car hire company you’ll be asked for a deposit to protect them against damage or loss. This amount will differ based on the car and the insurance option you choose.

When you use your credit card, you don’t actually pay this amount although it is reserved on your card in case you need to pay any fees after returning your car. That means you’re not out of pocket while using the hired car. Then, when you return the car, you won’t need to wait to see if there are additional charges, or wait for the deposit to be refunded. You can simply park the car, hand back the keys and be on your way. The amount reserved on your card for the deposit will be reversed, and the final invoice amount is then simply credited to your credit card.

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