6 perks your cheque or credit card gives you

We all know that walking around with cash is risky these days. That’s why almost everyone now has a bank card. Credit and cheque cards offer amazing convenience while helping you to stay on top of your spending. Here are 6 fantastic benefits of using your card to pay for everyday things:

1. Your credit card is like an interest-free loan

If you manage your credit card well, it’s like having access to a cost-effective short-term loan that could come in handy if you’re running low on cash. With a credit card, you can take advantage of special deals for goods and services right away, even if you know you will only have the money to pay for them later.

And even better, credit card interest and fees are easy to manage. If you pay back the full outstanding amount on your credit card within 55 days, you pay no interest. If you pay back the outstanding amount over time, you can still save on your total interest charges by paying more than the minimum amount due every month, clearing your debt faster.

2. You get extra protection

In addition to the safety of not carrying cash, credit cards add a further layer of security to your shopping. Say for example you’ve bought something using your credit card, but the goods are not delivered, you have the right to query it and ask for a refund. Some Nedbank cards offer the added benefit of warranty protection for goods that are damaged or stolen within a specific time after you’ve paid for them.

3. You enjoy money management and budgeting tools

Paying with your credit or cheque card is an easy way to keep track of your spending. As a Nedbank card user, you can get a detailed breakdown of all your card transactions on the Nedbank Money app, which help you work out your budget better. You can clearly see what you’re spending most of your money on and on what you can save.

4. Your card is more than just plastic – it offers quick and secure digital payment solutions

The combination of quick and easy barcode and QR code scanning with high-tech app functionality has taken digital payments to a whole new level of secure convenience. Apart from being able to use third-party payment scanning tools like Masterpass, Zapper, and SnapScan, you also have access to the scan-to-pay function on the Nedbank Money app.

And while you don’t need to swipe your card to tap to pay, you still qualify for all the Nedbank rewards that you would usually get when you pay with your card. 

5. Your card can change the world – for good

Everyday banking can help you support a worthy cause close to your heart, at no cost to you. As a Nedbank cardholder, you can link your cheque and credit cards to one of the 4 Nedbank affinity programmes: the Children’s Affinity, the Green Affinity, the Sport Affinity or the Arts Affinity.

Every time you transact, you will also support vital community development programmes.

6. Nedbank cards are lifestyle enhancers

As a Nedbank cardholder, you can enhance your lifestyle by joining the dynamic Nedbank Greenbacks rewards programme and earn points each time you transact. You can use your Greenbacks for everything – you can shop online and pay for entertainment, fuel or airtime, donate them to charities, invest in unit trusts or pay for bank charges. You'll also earn 25c cash back per litre of fuel at BP. And if you have an American Express Card,  you'll earn up to 2% unlimited every time you swipe your card. 

We also offer an American Express SHOP Card, which turns your Greenbacks into actual cash that you can withdraw at an ATM or you can use the card to shop at more than 150,000 merchants nationwide.

From only R50 per month you can get a new Nedbank Gold Credit Card and pay zero fees when you tap, dip or swipe to pay.