Get more out of your Amex credit card

While this card is recognised globally as a market leader in travel benefits, the introduction of the American Express Membership Rewards programme in South Africa makes it even more appealing. 

What is the Amex Membership Rewards programme?

The programme is an added benefit you can link to your Amex Gold Card (Platinum Card owners are automatically enrolled). Once enrolled in the programme, you receive your Membership Rewards card, which you can use to redeem your points.

The beauty of this card lies in its simplicity: not only do you earn points whenever you use your Amex Gold Card, but also you can then use your Membership Rewards card to pay for anything you want to buy. This includes paying at the till and at the petrol station, and even converting your points to cash by making withdrawals at an ATM.

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If you have an Amex Platinum Card, you’re enrolled automatically in the programme as part of your annual fee.  And if you have an Amex Gold Card, you pay a nominal monthly fee to participate in the rewards programme.

You can use your points to shop online and at more than 150,000 stores locally and abroad

Some unique features of the programme are that your points never expire, there is no limit to how many points you can earn, and you can view and manage your points online, including on the Nedbank Money app.

How do you earn points?

Once you’ve signed up to the Membership Rewards programme, you earn points for pretty much anything you buy. At a rate of 1 point for every R5 spent on your credit card, or your supplementary card if you have one, you can imagine how quickly points can be accumulated.

The only time you don’t earn points is when you use your card to make cash withdrawals, buy casino chips, fuel or travellers' cheques, pay insurance premiums, or make internet transfers and payments. Naturally, you don’t earn points for card charges, fees or any taxes, or for budget account instalments and interest that you pay.

Where and how to spend your points

The world is your oyster when it comes to redeeming your rewards points. Not only can you convert your points to cash by making withdrawals at an ATM or paying at the tills, but you can also use your points to pay your monthly card fees. On top of that, you can use your points to shop online and at more than 150,000 stores locally and abroad.

How to enrol

Linking your Amex Gold Card to the American Express Membership Rewards programme is quick and easy. Once done, you can explore the many benefits and special deals that have been created for holders of this unique card.