How to maximise your Greenbacks rewards


Eating better and exercising more often, for instance, are good for your health, but how often do we actually manage to reach these types of goals? Avoiding difficult decisions is simply part of human nature, so a helping hand is always welcome if it nudges us towards adopting better habits. This thinking is what drove the latest changes to our Greenbacks Money Management Programme, which we have revamped to set you on a path to better financial habits.


Promoting financial wellness

If you’re not familiar with the Greenbacks programme, it previously awarded you Greenbacks when you used your cheque or credit card. Today, the programme touches on far more than just your spending. What you get when you sign up for Greenbacks is not just a loyalty programme, but a money management toolkit that prompts and encourages good money choices. And, in return for adopting certain habits, you earn Greenbacks, which you can use as you wish, and you qualify for discounts, vouchers and coupons.


How it works

The new Greenbacks programme is based on two simple concepts: levels and packages. Levels is exactly that: the higher the level, the more you’re rewarded. You progress from level 1 to level 4 over time as you adopt new behaviours that helps you improve your financial health. This behaviour ranges from using your cheque or credit card to pay at tills or online, to taking greater responsibility by paying bills and credit instalments on time.


A package deal

Packages, on the other hand, are add-ons to your Greenbacks membership that help you build new habits that improve specific aspects of your financial behaviour. As many as 11 of these packages are planned and are being rolled out over time. Each is designed to help you make smart money choices so that you get the most out of your banking products and services.

The Greenbacks programme allows you to add more of these packages to your profile as you progress through the different levels. Examples of the types of packages you can expect are Card Swiper and Money Manager.

With Card Swiper, you earn Greenbacks when you use your cheque or credit card to buy in-store or online. You earn 1 Greenback every time you do this, with a bonus Greenback if you use your American Express Card.

Money Manager is a tool that rewards you for using our different products and services. The aim is to encourage you to use the right tools in a way that improves your life. The only extra cost when you sign up for Greenbacks is R24 amonth for the Card Swiper package. All other packages can be added at no extra cost.


There’s an app for that

You can experience the convenience of this unique money management programme by using the Greenbacks app to manage your packages, Greenbacks and benefits like coupons and special deals. You can also shop on the app using your Greenbacks.

You can also view your Greenbacks on the Nedbank Money app, and use them to buy unit trusts, pay your bank fees or buy prepaid services like airtime and electricity.

The best way to understand the power of Greenbacks to improve your understanding of good money habits is to sign up and experience these benefits yourself. You’ll enjoy the value delivered by rewards, but you’ll also discover that the benefits of good financial management are priceless.