Get paid on WhatsApp with Money Message

Small-business owners, traders and side hustlers often struggle to find convenient ways to get paid. Those days are over with Nedbank Money Message – you can now send invoices to customers via WhatsApp and get paid into an account of your choice. You don’t even need to be a Nedbank client to use Nedbank Money Message. This useful, easy payment method is quick and easy to set up, enabling your customers to pay you directly via WhatsApp.

Best of all, there are no set-up costs or payment processing devices to buy. All you need is a compatible device that runs the latest version of WhatsApp and an internet connection. Then all you have to do is register with Nedbank Money Message. There is no set-up required from the customer’s side. All they need do to pay you after you’ve sent them an invoice is to enter their card details, which takes only a few minutes.

How does it work?

Money Message is ideal if you sell products or services where the customer isn’t necessarily present or able to give you a bank card to swipe. This makes it perfect for online stores, because you can now send an invoice and get paid without complicated payment gateways or excessive transaction fees.

There’s no daily limit on the number of transactions you can process, although bills are restricted to a maximum value of R4,000 each and a monthly limit of R50,000 in total.

Just register with Nedbank Money Message, and you can start trading. The service is available to anyone with a valid South African identity document – or foreign traders with a valid passport – and a South African bank account.

How to register and set up

To register for Nedbank Money Message, make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp on your device. You can then start a chat with Nedbank Money Message on the number 087 240 6272 by typing ‘Hi’. For the sake of convenience, it’s best to save this number to your contacts.

Although formal businesses can also use Nedbank Money Message, it’s perfect for small or informal businesses, because you don’t need any official company registration to use the service. You do, however, need to have proof of identification – like a South African identity book or card, or your passport if you’re not a South African citizen – and a South African bank account.

You’ll be led through the registration steps via WhatsApp, which involves confirming your identity and then choosing a nickname, as well as your business name. You will also be asked to load the banking details of the account that your customers should use when they pay you. Part of the registration process is to generate your first, dummy invoice. You will then update it with details of the purchases when you want to send an invoice to a customer.  You can even add your company logo to your invoice to make it look more professional.

This process should take no more than a few minutes to complete and requires no paperwork or waiting period.

How to use Nedbank Money Message

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can start doing business immediately.

You’ll notice that the interface is simply a chat window, with the Nedbank Money Message bot prompting you to give it commands. These are typically: Get paid, Make a payment, View your transaction history, Edit your profile, Edit your business details and Get help. All these commands are entered as short codes, displayed for you to choose from.

So, to get paid, you enter the short code to send an invoice. You’re then prompted to enter your customer’s name and details, the amount due and what you’ve sold.

Your customer will then receive a WhatsApp message, with a link that will open the invoice as a WhatsApp message, which can then be viewed in the app. Using the short code for ‘Pay bill', your customer then enters their card details.

This payment is completely safe, as it uses the 3D Secure protocol to ensure secure and accurate payments for all online purchases. No card details are stored on WhatsApp, which makes security even tighter.

How much does it cost?

The use of Nedbank Money Message is free – you don’t pay sign-up or subscription fee. You pay only 2.75% of the value of every transaction and a flat fee of R2 per invoice that you generate.

How to get it

You can get started with Nedbank Money Message now, or open WhatsApp. Then simply follow the set-up instructions, link your card and you’re all set to go.