What to consider when investing internationally

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and wealth interests expand beyond borders, it is advisable for you to explore investment opportunities in the international market. Thanks to technology, foreign investments have become more accessible, and digital economies are enabling transactions from anywhere in the world. As a result you can manage your global stocks without leaving your home country.

Benefits of investing internationally

Investing money in foreign markets offers exposure to different economies and access to a range of assets, providing an excellent opportunity for enhancing your wealth and broadening your investment portfolio and horizon. It is crucial to research prospects thoroughly. Consider advice from our experts that will enable you to maximise the growth of your investments and make informed decisions about your investment strategies. Offshore investments can be very complex and require careful consideration. The benefits, as discussed below, make investigating it clearly worthwhile:


One of the primary advantages of international investing is the ability to diversify portfolios across different countries and asset classes. By spreading investments across various markets, industries, and currencies, you can reduce the impact of localised economic downturns and political uncertainties. Diversification allows for potential risk mitigation and the opportunity to capture growth in different regions, potentially enhancing overall returns. It allows you to capitalise on specific sectors or industries that are thriving in other countries. For example, investing in technology companies or renewable-energy firms in other countries can offer lucrative opportunities that may not be available domestically.

Access to global markets

International investing opens doors to diverse investment opportunities worldwide. You can venture into global markets and tap into thriving companies, industries, and sectors. This exposure presents unique growth prospects, enabling you to capitalise on emerging trends and technologies.

International investing allows you to benefit from high-growth economies that outperform the domestic market. Emerging markets offer significant growth potential due to rising consumer spending and technological advancements. Investing in these economies can lead to higher returns, driven by robust economic growth and increasing market opportunities.

Hedging against local currency risks

Investing internationally can act as a hedge against local currency risks. Investors who hold a significant portion of their wealth in the local currency may face risks associated with currency fluctuations. By diversifying into international investments denominated in foreign currencies, you can mitigate the impact of currency volatility and safeguard your wealth against local economic shocks.

Portfolio protection

International investing provides a safeguard against political and economic risks in your country. By allocating a portion of your investments abroad, you can protect your portfolio from potential downturns caused by domestic events like policy changes, regulatory uncertainties, and social unrest.

Cons of international investments

International investing also comes with multiple unique challenges, and it is therefore essential that you conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and carefully consider potential cons such as the following:

Foreign exchange risk

While international investment offers diversification benefits, it also exposes you to foreign exchange risks. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates can impact the value of your investments when converted back to local currency. A strengthening currency can erode returns earned in other countries, while a weakening one may increase returns.

Differing regulations

Investing in international markets introduces additional complexities due to varying regulatory frameworks, tax implications, and legal systems. Complying with foreign regulations and tax reporting requirements as well as staying updated on international market developments are time-consuming and may involve additional costs. Navigating these complexities may require expertise, research, and potentially hiring a Private Wealth adviser who can provide comprehensive financial advice and services.

Market and political risks

Investing internationally involves exposure to different market risks, including geopolitical tensions, regulatory changes, and economic instability. Political and economic events in foreign countries can significantly impact investments, and you must carefully evaluate the stability and governance of the countries you choose to invest in, and the potential impact of political decisions on your portfolio.

Higher transaction costs

International investments often involve higher transaction costs when compared with domestic ones. Currency conversions, broker fees, custodian charges, and regulatory compliance expenses can eat into investment returns. These costs must be considered carefully when deciding on the allocation of investment capital.

International investments offer both advantages and disadvantages.

It is vital that you make informed decisions and evaluate your investment goals, risk tolerance, and resources when investing internationally. Research, professional advice from our team of Private Wealth experts, and a well-diversified approach can help you navigate the complexities of international investing and maximise your investments while managing associated risks. Ultimately, international investments are a valuable tool to enhance portfolio performance and achieve long-term financial goals. With proper evaluation and a prudent approach, you can leverage the opportunities presented by global markets while mitigating potential pitfalls.
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