Simplify your business procurement and travel expenses

Nedbank Commercial Banking (NCB) clients are generally well-established business owners with significant turnover, and operations of this size face specific challenges when controlling spending. In the interests of efficiency, certain purchasing decisions must be decentralised. Executives at various levels need to be empowered to make their own spending decisions, within management-approved policy and guidelines.

Procurement and business travel are both areas in which it often makes sense to delegate purchasing authority. The challenge, as a business owner, is to maintain oversight and control over these expenses and ensure responsible spending at all levels. To meet that challenge, we offer the Nedbank Purchasing Card and the American Express® Business Travel Account (BTA) Card.

Empower your procurement staff with the Nedbank Purchasing Card

The Nedbank Purchasing Card gives your company flexibility, visibility, security and control over business expenses. You can give each member of staff their own card and the authority to use it, with all card purchases debited from one common business account – the modern equivalent of the petty cash box. To ensure responsible use, you can authorise different spending limits for staff at various levels of your company hierarchy and restrict spending to specified merchant categories.

For enhanced security, the BTA Card allows for virtual card payments

The card enables your company to track purchases and payments to ensure they are legitimate business expenses paid to authorised suppliers. It promotes staff accountability and transparent spending management and can help you find ways in which you can cut expenses.

The American Express BTA Card offers convenience and security

The American Express BTA Card is a comprehensive solution to all your business travel expenses. By consolidating all the different costs in one account, you make tracking spending against budget simple. Recording, accounting, reporting and auditing also get easier, with several features to improve reconciliation and control.

You can keep your BTA Card internally at your company, or with a travel management company of your choice. You can use the card for company travel bookings and fares, e-hailing transport services, car hire, and hotel, passport and visa expenses. By making group bookings for company travel, you avoid multiple invoices and expense claims.

For enhanced security, the BTA Card allows for virtual card payments, creating single-use account numbers for each transaction to secure safe, efficient online payment for goods and services. You gain granular control of your payments with added protection against fraud, while reducing paperwork and errors. It also allows you to review all your business travel expenses online at any time.

Another useful feature of the BTA Card is the basic travel insurance included whenever you use it to pay travel fares. This cover includes emergency medical help around the world, and you can choose to top it up for more extensive coverage.

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