Travel made easy with Avo SuperShop

Are you dreaming of your next adventure? Taking a break to travel and experience new places can improve your mental and physical health. Wanderlust – that desire to explore – is a wonderful way to create cherished memories that no one can take away from you. Travel also expands your worldview by giving you the chance to interact with different cultures.

The only difficulty that crops up when you’re planning a getaway is choosing from so many options – whether you pick a local or an international destination. Do you want to go to the bush or the mountains? The beach or the winelands? Are you going on holiday alone, as a couple, with your family, or with friends?

Planning and paying for a vacation should be convenient and stress-free – from booking airline tickets and accommodation to car hire and sightseeing at your destination. With Avo SuperShop, the process is simple and seamless. You can plan and book getaways with a few taps on your smart device. Access to exclusive deals and promos on Avo can also make globe-trotting more affordable.


Discover your dream destinations

No matter how extensive your travel bucket list may be, Avo can meet your getaway needs. Once you get to your destination, you’ll want to explore the fun activities in the area. The adventurous might be keen on horse riding, mountain climbing or hiking, while those looking for more relaxing activities might explore local tours, fly fishing or picnicking. These are all the perfect ingredients for a memorable getaway, and you can book your holiday excursions in advance on Avo too. These include honeymoon getaways, cruises, outdoor adventures, and day activities such as paragliding, hot-air balloon trips, quad biking, hiking, and many more. 


Unlike traditional travel agencies, Avo rewards you with 1% cash back in AvoPoints on everything you buy


Local deals will take you to fascinating locations in different provinces. You can also get travel packages to foreign countries like Thailand and Mozambique. You don’t have to worry about accommodation, because Avo has more than 800,000 partner hotels, villas, apartments and resorts to book worldwide. Some of the top brands on Avo include Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Best Western, Wyndham, Accor, St Regis, Four Seasons, Fairmont, Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental, and Loews.

Whether you’re vacationing locally or abroad, you can book your car hire through Avo – and enjoy further discounts at Hertz and Avis if you pay with your Nedbank credit card. If your card is linked to Greenbacks, you’ll earn Greenbacks on all your travel spending too. You’ll also have access to extra Avo promotions reserved exclusively for Greenbacks clients.

Bargain getaways

Avo offers travel discounts throughout the year and, while they vary, they can be as high as 39%. Some deals depend on when you want to travel – you could score extra savings by travelling during the week, rather than on the weekend.

Some travel packages are for individual travellers, while others are designed for families or groups. Keep an eye out for the deals that suit you, as Avo updates discount packages regularly.


AvoPoints give you even more rewards

It’s easy to access a world of getaways. Just download Avo, browse for travel deals, choose one you like and pay using your preferred method. Unlike traditional travel agencies, Avo rewards you with 1% cash back in AvoPoints on everything you buy. You can use your AvoPoints towards your next travel purchase, or to buy prepaid airtime, data, electricity, tech, appliances, groceries, takeaways and Avo vouchers. You can also convert Greenbacks and SAA Voyager Miles to AvoPoints to spend on the platform.