What's changed?

Enhanced security

More control when you shop online using your Nedbank account.


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Mobile magic

Money app users will now receive their Approve-it message in a more seamless manner to give their transactions the green light.


Online Banking brilliance

For convenient desktop shopping, you’ll now be able to log on to your Online Banking directly from your shopping cart to complete your transaction.


How it works


  1. Select the Nedbank Direct EFT payment option when shopping online.
  2. Login using your Nedbank ID or though the Money app.
  3. Select the account to make payment from.
  4. Authorise the transaction through an Approve-It message.

Why use Nedbank Direct EFT payments?

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Peace of mind

Say goodbye to the worries of sharing sensitive info on external sites.

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Effortless transactions

Quickly approve transactions using the Money app or Online Banking.

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Everywhere you go

Enjoy the freedom to make secure payments on your favourite online shopping sites, anytime, anywhere.

Nedbank direct EFT payments

A solution that allows you to securely complete an EFT payment using your Nedbank account when shopping online.

FAQs on Nedbank Direct EFT payments

Nedbank Direct EFT is a payment initiation application programme interface (API) that enables third parties, eg retailers, to send payment requests to Nedbank so that Nedbank clients who want to buy products or services from these retailers can pay for their purchases online in a safe and secure way. 

If you have a Nedbank account, you can use Direct EFT to make online payments to third parties that have agreed to use our Direct EFT interface.

Using Nedbank Direct EFT enables you to pay for online purchases in a safe and secure way by allowing you to verify and approve your online transaction via our secure EFT interface. This means that you no longer have to enter your account details on retailer websites when shopping online. 

Please refer our pricing guides.

Only Nedbank accountholders can use Direct EFT.

Unfortunately, not. To use Direct EFT you have to be registered for our digital banking channels, so you will need a Nedbank ID.

Yes, you can still use Direct EFT, even if you not registered for the Money app..

You can use any of these Nedbank accounts: 

  • Current account
  • Savings account
  • Credit card account
  • MobiMoney account

The accounts that cannot be used for Direct EFT will be greyed out, and you will not be able to select them to complete your online transaction. 


If you do not receive an Approve-it message, you will receive a one-time password (OTP) on the cellphone number that you have used to register for our digital banking channels to verify and approve your payment.