Make secure online payments without having to use your card details


Benefits of a Nedbank virtual card


More security

Make payments directly from your account using your virtual card details. Perfect for online and app purchases!


More control

Set daily, weekly or monthly spend limits and decide how long you’d like each virtual card to remain active.


More convenience

You can block and delete your virtual card at any time or create a new one instantly without impacting your linked account.


More rewarding

Over and above the added peace of mind, you’ll earn Greenbacks and other membership rewards the same way as you would on your regular card.


Multiple benefits

Use your virtual cards for once-off purchases or upload them as payment options for online subscriptions and app payments (eg Uber, Netflix, Superbalist).


Free of charge

To create up to 5 digital cards on your credit or bank account at no cost, simply log in to the Money app and follow the easy prompts.

How to create your virtual card


  1. Log in to the Money app.
  2. Select Cards from the menu.
  3. Select Virtual cards, then Create virtual card.
  4. Read the overview and select Get started.
  5. Select the account you’d like to link your virtual card to.
  6. Select Add virtual card.
  7. Name your card.
  8. Choose an expiry date.
  9. Set your spending limit.
  10. Accept the terms and conditions.



A virtual card is a fully digital bank card that can be used on a smartphone and has identical features to a physical card. It is not a duplicate of a physical credit or cheque card, but rather an additional card that you can use for all your digital transactions.

You can use a virtual card when you shop online or for services like Uber, Netflix, Takealot, and more. Your Nedbank virtual card is only accessible through the Money app.

You can create up to 5 virtual cards for every physical card you have.

Primary cardholders with transactional accounts who use the Money app can create a virtual card.

Not required. Nedbank virtual cards do not require funds to be transferred between accounts. Each virtual card will use the funds available in the linked account.

You can set your own spend limit and expiry date. Each virtual card will also carry its own details, ie card and CVV numbers and expiry date, so if any card is compromised or no longer needed, the other cards or your account itself will not be affected.

All transactions will appear on the account statement that the virtual card is linked to.

Yes. The same guidelines that apply to a credit or cheque card apply to your virtual card.

No. Blocking or cancelling a virtual card will not affect the account that it is linked to.

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