Lady checking Money app on her mobile device

What is MoneyGuard?

MoneyGuard is an enhancement to Nedbank’s card fraud detection and prevention capabilities for ATM, point-of-sale and online card transactions.
MoneyGuard uses SMS notifications that are sent to your cellphone so you can accept or reject transactions that have triggered a fraud alert at the bank.
Lady checking Money app on her mobile device

How it works

If we pick up a suspicious card transaction that has been flagged by MoneyGuard, we will send an SMS alert to your cellphone, which will require you to respond with a Y or N.

Y means that it is a valid transaction initiated by you and we will then process the transaction.


N means that it is not a valid transaction and the relevant fraud process will then follow.

What to expect

Take note of the message you'll receive from the Nedbank MoneyGuard feature. If it does not look like this, it is not the one.

Take care to always press N for No if you are uncertain about any transaction query received.

MoneyGuard messaging

Stay alert. Stay in control.


If you suspect fraud or that your card details have been compromised, let us know immediately on 0800 110 929.


For more ways to keep your bank card safe, follow our tips and guidelines.