Let expert wealth managers guide your investments

Are you interested in making your money grow by investing in foreign currencies or trading shares online? How about gaining access to loans in international markets to buy property overseas?

Do you find it challenging to commit to growing your wealth internationally due to the fast pace of life, and the complicated ways to diversify your investment portfolio?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, you need an expert wealth manager to take care of your long-term financial prosperity.

What is wealth management?

Wealth management is the active reviewing and decision-making process that relates to how your financial and physical assets perform. To handle your wealth management on your own, you need to be confident that you know everything you need to know about investing offshore, investment solutions, the stock market and buying shares online. This is a fast-paced world, however, and you need to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening to ensure your money is working to your advantage.

With a wealth manager, you can reduce the stress that comes with making complex, sometimes risky investment choices on your own. A wealth manager can help you assess your current balance sheet and help you plan for the long term. They can also guide you when diversifying your portfolio as there are so many financial instruments to consider.

‘We take a holistic approach when working with clients,’ says Shaun Marais, Manager: Private Clients and Small Business Services at Nedbank. ‘We get to know a client's financial standing and where they would like to see themselves in 5, 10 or 20 years. When we engage with a client, we commit to learning about their needs – and because everyone’s needs are different, we can find and recommend the solutions and financial instruments that can work best in their situation.’


We will aid you with financial planning that allows you to respond to changes in life without interrupting your cash flow


‘And it’s not just about identifying finance and investment solutions,’ adds Shane Singh, Nedbank Private Wealth Business Specialist. ‘When we contact you as a potential client, we consider it the start of getting to know you intimately. We look at everything through one-on-one engagement to ensure all your financial affairs are in order – from finding the correct account for your needs, right up to making sure that you think about estate planning. After all, you’re aiming to grow your wealth and we want to make sure that we offer the right solutions for you, from insurance to local and offshore investment. We will even help with retirement planning and the drafting of a will, if needed.’

Open up more international investment options

One of the key benefits of having a personal wealth manager is that you can grow your wealth internationally by investing offshore with less hassle than trying to do it on your own. ‘We offer more than two decades of international wealth management expertise, and we have physical offices offshore in key regions such as the Isle of Man to give clients peace of mind,’ says Singh.

Nedbank Private Wealth clients have access to a wealth manager to help with online share trading, buying and selling foreign currencies, international property acquisitions and more. If you need help with money matters locally and abroad, a wealth manager can guide you and fast-track the financial and investment solutions right for you.

‘Our wealth managers are here to serve your needs. You can use our insights and experience to invest with a long-term view. They engage with clients regularly, and it’s up to you how often you need to consult one-on-one to ensure your financial goals are being met. There’s tremendous value in working with a professional wealth manager to understand how you can get the most out of your income and investments,’ Marais adds.

Investment management

Our wealth managers can help you tailor and investment strategy based on your specific appetite for risk. Whether it’s online share trading or foreign currency investment, we can manage these wealth-generation mechanisms on your behalf. We can help you understand why and when you should invest offshore, while unpacking the different investment types on offer.

Financial planning

Ongoing assessment and evaluation of your wealth standing is essential, and we will aid you with financial planning that allows you to respond to changes in life without interrupting your cash flow. Nedbank wealth managers can help you understand what to consider from a cash-flow perspective when moving money overseas or back to South Africa.

Tax advice

We’ll help you ensure that your responsibilities towards the South African Reserve Bank and the South African Revenue Service are fulfilled smoothly and efficiently, which is particularly important when you have multiple streams of income, depending on your portfolio. Your wealth manager can advise you about any applicable thresholds and how to comply with the law.

Estate planning

Our wealth managers can help you set up an executorship plan that wraps up your estate with ease and efficiency, to ensure that your loved ones aren’t left to deal with winding up your estate on their own. Speak to us about what you’re leaving behind for individual beneficiaries, and we can help you set up trusts and ongoing investments like unit trusts or tax-free savings accounts for your family.

How you can start growing your wealth offshore

Depending on your monthly income and asset value, you might qualify for a Nedbank Private Wealth Focus Account. This account unlocks a world of online share trading opportunities, as well as options for you to invest in international stocks like Tesla or Disney, which your wealth manager can advise you on. Because your wealth manager can help you move and manage your funds in and out of these specialist bank accounts, you can buy and sell shares or stocks easily to grow your wealth more effectively.

‘These days, there are several ways for you to grow your wealth and you can do it on your own using some of our own self-help platforms, but I can confidently say that a wealth manager is going to bring you the most peace of mind when it comes to identifying investment opportunities and managing them effectively for the long term. Our experience as wealth managers puts us in a unique position that can help you get on with living your life,’ Singh concludes.

You can set up an appointment with a professional wealth manager by email to learn more about growing your wealth internationally.