What does a good online trading platform look like?

If you want to succeed in the world of online share trading, knowing what features a good online trading platform should have is half the battle won. Let’s unpack what online trading is and then discuss the features you should look for when deciding on a platform.

What is online trading?

Online trading means buying and selling financial assets through an online trading platform. Most trading services can be accessed through online trading platforms, which makes it a very popular and convenient way to get started. As technology has advanced, interest in online trading has increased, and more platforms have become available, so you may need some guidance to select the platform that best suits you.

Security of the trading platform is paramount

It goes without saying that the platform you use for trading should be safe and secure. Choose an online trading platform from a reputable firm that is a member of the JSE with strong security procedures in place. Security measures you want to see include secure-sockets-layer (SSL) encryption, secure servers, two-step authentication, automatic logout, and system monitoring.


You want to trade on the right platform for your trading goals


You can make sure that you’re protected by buying and installing good antivirus programmes on your computer and using strong passwords and two-factor authentication whenever it’s available. You should also log in regularly and monitor your online account. Protecting your wealth is an important part of online trading, so finding a secure platform is essential.

Easy platform navigation is vital

As a beginner, you’ll need to learn the basics of online trading from scratch. A good dashboard with easy navigation will help you understand the process and give you a constant overview of your portfolio and funds. It also makes the process easier if everything you need for your online trading is clearly and logically organised on the platform.

Market overview and indicators should be easy to find

Good trading investments are made when you have a view of the market and indicators. These will be your compass on your trading journey. A market overview, something like an investment fund fact sheet, helps you see how the market is performing in general. Indicators let you see how shares, currencies and commodities are performing daily.

Platforms should also provide access to investment research and trade ideas

A platform that offers you the necessary research and insights based on the current state of the market will give you the edge in your investment decisions. With specific market news, notes and insights, you can increase your knowledge and get better results on your trading journey.

There are many other useful features that a good online trading platform may have, but we’ve listed some of the must-haves to look out for. You want to trade on the right platform for your trading goals.

If you find a platform that offers customised packages, you’re probably on the right path to start trading with the tools you need. Online trading is a way to invest and increase your income, but finding the right platform is key to a successful online trading experience.

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