Home loans made simple – and the Private Clients edge

Buying your dream home should be a time to celebrate, but it’s not something you do often. It’s quite a process, from getting home loan preapproval and starting your house hunt, to finding the right property and making an offer, then securing a home loan, getting a conveyancer to complete the transfer and finally moving in. The elation of home ownership can become an administrative nightmare if you’re unfamiliar with all these steps, as most of us are.

That’s why Nedbank offers a range of tools, services and dedicated relationship bankers to make the process as simple as possible. Consider the Nedbank Home-buying Toolkit, for instance. It’s available through Online Banking or the Money app to anyone, even if you’re not a Nedbank client. This free tool is a simple way to get started on your home-buying journey.

What does the Nedbank Home-buying Toolkit do?

Once you download the toolkit and register, you can get preapproval on the home loan amount you qualify for and search for properties that suit your needs. You’ll also get free property reports to help you assess the home you’re considering buying. This includes information like the property value, comparative values, nearby amenities and more. You can use this report to decide if a property is worth the asking price, and to estimate how it might increase in value over time.

Apply for a home loan online and get cash back

If your salary is paid into your Nedbank transactional account, the digital convenience doesn’t end with finding you a home you’d like to buy. You also qualify for up to R20,000 cash back when you apply for your home loan online.

A dedicated relationship banker is one of the most attractive features of a Private Clients account

Cash back is calculated at 1% of the loan amount and capped at R20,000. This means on a R1 million home loan, once the house is registered in your name, you can expect R10,000 cash back to help with moving costs – or to redecorate.

What if you’re not comfortable applying online?

We’re quite proud of the digital convenience we’re bringing to everyday banking, but also understand that not everyone is ready to interact only with technology when making major financial commitments. Many of us still need the reassurance of a few real humans inserted somewhere in the process.

You might consider engaging an independent mortgage originator. These professional go-betweens offer a useful service, first by exploring your choice of home loan options from across the financing industry, and then by walking you through the loan application process. Their services come at a cost, but they can save novice homebuyers time, effort and costly mistakes.

If you’re a Private Clients from Nedbank accountholder, however, you have another resource included free in your account package to help you secure the best home loan: your relationship banker.

Your relationship banker can help you with your home loan

A dedicated relationship banker is one of the most attractive features of a Private Clients account. Think of your banker as a portal to every service that we offer – from opening accounts and starting investments to buying a home. They can be especially helpful with mortgage applications because of their ongoing professional relationship with you. 

To begin with, they can guide you through the process of applying online, so you qualify for the cashback bonus.

Their ability to navigate the entire home loan process is one of the key reasons your relationship banker should be your first port of call

Your banker has a level of insight into your financial history that a mortgage originator does not – specifically when it comes to understanding any alternative sources of income like rent and dividends, because it’s recorded in your transactional banking profile. 

Pricing your home loan considers the holistic client relationship, and this often enables a better rate on a home loan. A mortgage originator would be hard-pressed to negotiate a better deal than the one your bank can offer you directly via your relationship banker.

Their ability to navigate the entire home loan process is one of the key reasons your relationship banker should be your first port of call when considering any matter of financial importance. 

Not only are you more likely to get impartial, qualified advice, but a home loan application via your relationship banker will be handled by a team of people that can give solid guidance on what you can afford and the best way to structure your home loan. As your financial history and status is readily available to your relationship banker, the process can be completed with less hassle and at greater speed.

Whether you want to buy property as your primary residence, a holiday home and income producer, or purely as an investment, you’ll find the path smoother with a Private Clients account. Private Clients are in the unique position of having one person looking after all their banking affairs, whether personal or commercial.

Get tailored finance with Private Clients from Nedbank  

  • Buying or building a home? Contact your relationship banker for a quote. 
  • Get an instant bond indication online. We offer 100% home loans of up to R5 million.
  • Buying a car? Contact your relationship banker to get a provisional answer in minutes.
  • Your track record, goals and income streams are considered in your finance requests. 


Did you know that on average, Nedbank pays out around R2 million a month in cash back on home loans? In 2022, our cash back pay-outs on home loans totalled R25.6 million. For an affordable home loan tailored to your circumstances and value-added extras like up to R20,000 cash back and a 50% discount on your attorney bond registration fees, choose the bank that’s best for your money.